Lauren Boebert Sets the Record Straight for Half Baked Democrat Leader


Freshman Representative Lauren Boebert needed little time in political office to make liberal heads explode. She has been a champion in trying to bring awareness to the southern border crisis and she slew an ignorant Democrat leader on the issue.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been heavily criticized for her noticeable lack of presence at the southern border while illegal immigration and crime continue to soar.

Tone-deaf Democrat Representative Veronica Escobar tweeted out:

“Looking forward to welcoming @VP Harris to El Paso – America’s new Ellis Island. As I told VP last March, El Paso has chosen to employ compassion toward those seeking refuge, and her visit will provide key context for her diplomatic efforts to address root causes of immigration.”

The Democrat politician’s jaw-dropping tweet did not go unnoticed by Boebert who has gone to the southern border this year many more times than Harris has and is not afraid to confront the situation with facts.

Boebert tweeted back:

“The people who came to Ellis Island were immigrating legally, but thanks for finally admitting that the Southern Border “crisis” is not a mistake but a strategic decision to import Democrat voters.”

Harris’ first trip to the border since becoming vice president was not a trip to the border at all. She went to El Paso which is nowhere near the areas that are being so negatively affected.

The most recent trip Boebert took to the actual border showed her the utter devastation that is currently occurring.

On July 1, the GOP congresswomen joined “Mornings with Maria” to talk about her most border experience.

Every time I go down to the border, I just see how much of a crisis this truly is and how much of a humanitarian crisis this is, Boebert said. I went to the border with President Trump, unlike Kamala Harris, who only went to El Paso to refuel her jet on her way to California. I went to the border with President Trump to address the issues that are taking place. 

She went on to talk about the horrendous acts that are done to children and women during illegal border crossings.

As Democrats continue to bury their head in the sand when they aren’t opening stunting for illegal immigration, there are those like Boebert shining a light on reality.