Kobe Bryant Leaves Massive Fortune Behind After Sudden and Tragic Death

Kobe Bryant
Photo Courtesy of Erik Drost via Creative Commons License

The internet is literally blowing up with the news of the death of legendary basketball star Kobe Bryant.

Just moments ago, word broke that Bryant was among at least four individuals aboard a helicopter that crashed over Calabasas.

Tragedy Strikes

Bryant, 41, was reportedly traveling in his private helicopter with at least four other people (some reports say five) at the time of the accident.

A fire reportedly broke out, sending the chopper into an unrecoverable spin.

His wife, Vanessa, was reportedly not on the helicopter and while I doubt it is the first thing on her mind right now, she will inherit a massive fortune Bryant accumulated during his NBA career and business ventures afterward.

Historic Career

There is little doubt that Kobe will have a place in history for his accomplishments on the hardwood.

As the star player for the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant has a laundry list of accomplishments:

  • 18-time All-Star
  • 15-time member of the All-NBA Team
  • 12-time member of the All-Defensive Team
  • 2-time NBA scoring leader
  • 3rd best all-time regular-season scoring list
  • 4th on the all-time post-season scoring list
  • Record for most seasons played with one team
  • 5-time NBA champion
  • NBA All-Rookie Team (1997)
  • NBA Most Valuable Player (2008)
  • ESPY Icon Award (2016)

There were, of course, a few scandals along the way, but Kobe never shied away from them and always come out stronger.

He turned into a brilliant businessman, amassing a fortune of more than $500 million.

Along with his business ventures, the bulk of Bryant’s money came from endorsement deals with Nintendo, Turkish Airlines, Sprite, and, of course, Nike.

His death is truly shocking and he was a man that was taken from this earth far too soon.

Rest in Peace, Kobe, you were one-of-a-kind and you will truly be missed.


  1. One of the best ever; great family man too. He was a favorite of mine over the many years I played, coached, and watched Basketball. We have lost one of our’s…that is we, that have for years loved that “round ball” game. Many have played it great; he did too, and for me he made it very special.

  2. Kobe was a very talented and gifted man that put his all in everything he did, a great family man and will be missed by millions, what people need to remember is the great human being he was and very kind, no show boating and a man of all work, with no scandal’s in his life. A great American that will be sorely missed

  3. My heart is broken as a 60 year Laker fan it is hard to except this news. The world will mourn this great loss. Bless the Wife and family as they deal with this loss. I know that there will be a great reunion with Chick Hearn who announced all of Kobie’s Games. Love them both. Trenton

  4. – Since this headline is about his massive fortune he is leaving, I would like to mention this sermon I heard this morning. Just a reminder for us.

    1 Timothy 6:7-8 (KJV)
    7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
    8 And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.

  5. I hate to sound callous because I realize Kobe was an accomplished man, but I wish the public would recognize that there were others on the copter, including his daughter and members of other families also active in helping with children’s sports. Kobe is called a hero because he could play basketball. Because of that skill, he amassed a fortune that equaled 700 times what a low income family makes in a lifetime. As tragic as his loss, it is even more tragic that the children on the flight were barely teenagers who will never get to live their dreams. I just wish the media would stop making it all about Kobe.

  6. Dont know and dont care! You have one person whos sole ability was to put a basketball through a hoop and because he died everyone seemingly has gone batshite! The nightly news spend over half of their 30 minutes on this guy. Hint! NOBODY CARES!!! You have first Responders and police and Veterans who give their lives on a daily basis and they dont get 2% of the recognition that this twit has received! You have a 104 year old Marine who fought for this country in the Battle of Iwo Jima and he has received nothing close to what Bryant has. You have a Vietnam Vet who was awarded a Silver Star, the second highest award this country can give a soldier with the Congressional Medal of Honor being the Highest. He died from wounds he received from saving over 30 men, and not one word. You have a police Officer who got out of his car to help a stranded motorist, and was shot and killed leaving behind a wife and three children…and not one word. And yet people seemingly go batshite over a sports player?? Someone please tell me why as I cant understand this


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