Klobuchar Presidential Campaign OVER After Controversial Case Resurfaces

amy klobuchar
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

The campaign of Amy Klobuchar, which is already struggling, may have been ended with one simple question.

Now that she is getting a little bit of grip in Iowa, people are taking a closer look at Klobuchar’s record.

In her past, there is a case where she sentenced a teenager African American to jail for life with questionable evidence, and it could ruin her campaign.

Shedding Light on Her Past

Because Klobuchar has been a bottom-dweller in this race, nobody has really dissected her record.

Recent polls in Iowa, however, have her elevated up to as high as fourth or fifth place, quickly catching up to Warren (she is now flirting with 10 percent support).

For presidential candidates, their past often makes or breaks their campaign, and Klobuchar has a pretty big skeleton in her closet for a Democrat.

In 2002, Myon Burrell was convicted for the killing of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards.

Edwards was killed when a stray bullet hit her while she was in her home at the dinner table doing her homework.

Klobuchar, at the time, was working as the Hennepin County Attorney.

Burrell was convicted mostly on the testimony of Burrell’s rival who, according to the file, had an obstructed view roughly 120 feet away.

The case also relied on jailhouse snitches, many of whom have recanted, claiming they were coerced to giving testimony against Burrell.

The co-defendants in the case have all exonerated Burrell, claiming he was not even there.

One has even confessed to the crime.

Ike Tyson has come forward to say he was the man that pulled the trigger and should be held accountable.

He stated, “I already shot an innocent girl.

“Now an innocent guy — at the time he was a kid — is locked up for something he didn’t do. So, it’s like I’m carrying two burdens.”

There were also numerous procedural errors during the case, mostly surrounding the handling of evidence and pursuit of alibis.

Klobucher recently tried to defend her actions during the case, even shifting the blame to the current staff.

She stated, “My view as someone who has worked with the Innocence Project for years is that if there is new evidence, then it must come forward and it must be considered immediately by the court.

“I couldn’t have, I haven’t been in that office for 12 years.”

This sounds pretty typical of Democrats these days, simply saying whatever happened is not my fault.

As a Senator, surely she has influence to put pressure on someone to re-open the case, but that has yet to happen.

The case, though, fell in line with Klobuchar’s stance at the time, having run on tougher penalties for juvenile defenders.

If Klobuchar continues to gain grip in this election, you better believe this case will end any chance she has of landing the minority vote, especially considering her rather lame attempt at explaining her part in possibly putting an innocent teenager behind bars for life.


  1. But he is black. He must have done something to warrant prison?Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.
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