Kenosha ‘Snatch Teams’ Made Rioters Too Nervous To Loot


Anarchist rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, are upset with the undercover snatch teams. Their Portland style intimidation and interrogations are putting a huge dent in their nightly burning and looting. Things calmed down to the point where the National Guard could go home and the curfew relaxed.

Kenosha rioters intimidated by ‘snatch teams’

As the National Guard packs up to go home from a much calmer Kenosha, Wisconsin, the activist leaders are turning their anger on federal law enforcement. While the outnumbered local police were ordered to allow Black Lives Matter to go ahead and sack the city, teams of federal agents “patrolled the area in unmarked vehicles, running down and arresting protesters and key local activists.” One of the first they grabbed in that area was 25-year-old Adelana Akindes. She was with her 19-year-old compatriot, Native American Danika Gagliano-Deltgen. The two came down from Milwaukee earlier that day. They were apparently targeted for being outside agitators.

According to Deltgen, “We met up at a park near our safe house that we had established earlier that day.” They planned on doing duty rendering aid to injured rioters. She said their goal was to serve “as a street medic and to deliver first aid supplies, food, masks, as well as protective equipment like helmets to groups of protesters” as the situation in Kenosha continued its daily deterioration. This was the night after Kyle Rittenhouse exercised his right to self-defense.

As a group of BLM protesters, including Deltgen, walked down a dimly lit Kenosha side street, “all of a sudden, one unmarked car pulled up in front of us. It was like a big black pickup truck, and an SUV pulled up alongside us, and another one pulled up behind us.” Several tried to bolt but didn’t make it far. Deltgen got a bruised rib before she surrendered. “I put my hands up and I was facing a building as a car blocked me in, so I was unable to move. The National Guard came out and they physically threw me to the ground.” At least she knew who they were. “They threw me to the ground. They took my bag, they took my mask off, and they were searching through my stuff.”

Most of the rioters were from out of town

According to a press statement issued around noon on August 30, the police department had arrested 175 people. “Of those people processed during this week, 102 listed addresses from outside of Kenosha.” They took in quite a haul of improvised weapons too. The department reports, “20 firearms had been seized, three vehicles had been towed, 69 people were arrested for curfew violations, 34 people were arrested for curfew and additional charges ranging from carrying concealed weapons to burglary and possession of controlled substances.”

Just three days before that, the Kenosha Police Department “arrested 9 individuals from outside the state of Wisconsin.” They got a tip about several “suspicious” vehicles with out-of-state plates meeting up at a remote parking lot near the highway.” They followed “a black school bus, bread truck and minivan to a gas station.” There, police note they “observed the occupants of the black bus and bread truck exit and attempted to fill multiple fuel cans.” The rioters claim the gas was for generators, not Molotov cocktails or for burning down police stations with. Inside the vehicles, the cops found “various items including helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks, and suspected controlled substances.”


When protest organizer and general activist Oscar Walton got snatched he was taken straight to the Kenosha jail for questioning. A “blond female FBI agent” with no name tag “interrogated me about, ‘are you with Antifa? Who do you work for? Do you work for Black Lives Matter? Why do you chant Black Lives Matter? Where’s the next protest location?” They asked if he knew that “Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization.” His answer underscores exactly why we need these snatch teams. The out of state radical admits that they won’t obey law and order voluntarily, no matter what.

“I say Black Lives Matter because all Black lives matter. Period. And until Black Lives Matter, all lives really can’t matter. Obviously we’re dying out here, we’re being hunted out here. It’s been happening for centuries, before I was born, before my parents were born. And I don’t want it to be in this crisis stage when my kids get my age.” He’s convinced the police brutality “just shows how scared the justice system really is, and how much power people actually have because if they keep the people silent, then they move around here untouched. But when the people are binded together, and they’re making their voice into one loud voice, and they’re making the world pay attention, then they have no choice but to be held accountable.” We live in an upside down world these days where anarchy has replaced the rule of law, not just in Kenosha.


  1. A Democrat Racist organization. Their Name says it all, ”Black Lies Matter”. BTW, hands up was a lie, never happened. Mike Brown’s partner claimed it happened. Witnesses said differently.


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