Kathy Griffin’s Stunning Admission About Failed ‘Trump Beheading’ Photo

Kathy Griffin Trump Head
Photo via TMZ YouTube Video Screenshot (Tyler Shields)

Kathy Griffin is both a failed comic and an anti-Trumper.

To get her career back on track, she decided to pull the now-infamous stunt of holding up a Trump mask with fake blood to make it appear as though she was holding Trump’s severed head.

It all backfired, and now she admits that after her failed stunt, she was literally “begging for work.”

Just a Bad Decision

Griffin obviously had no clue about the chain of events that would follow after that picture was posted.

She became untouchable in the entertainment industry after her stunt and was even interviewed by the FBI and Secret Service.

Her little stunt could have put her in jail for a lifetime.

She claimed it was a violation of her First Amendment rights, but was it?


Can you just imagine if a conservative held up the head of Obama like that… how much outrage would have ensued?

She deserved every hardship that has come her way since, and now she is trying to get the public to empathize with her.

Begging for Work

Griffin recently did a cameo on “You,” a Netflix psychological thriller.

It was of only a few gigs she has been able to land since her Trump stunt.

Griffin stated, “I straight up was just begging for five lines on something that would be seen by people that had nothing to do with Trump, nothing that was controversial.”

She later added, “While the picture has caused me a lot of duress it’s also made me global, everybody knows the crazy red-haired lady from the photo.

“It has made me more fearless and I really feel strongly that whoever comes at me, they have to understand I’ve prevailed against the president of the United States.”

She then added just a bit more fuel to the fire, stating, “I’m not going to stop; I’m not going to back down from this president or this administration one bit, and they know it.”

You would think someone would learn their lesson, but Griffin clearly has not.

She wants people to feel sorry for her, yet she promises to stick her head into the lion’s mouth again.

Griffin claims she is not “unemployable and uninsurable.” I wonder why…


  1. I wish you would stop showing Barbie doll blond models to wear the hat. How about real people with the real desire to see President Trump re-elected?


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