KARMA: Thug Tried to Rob Man Who Is Famous For Killing 33 Taliban Fighters In One Deployment!


Irving Killed 33 Taliban Fighters In One Deployment & Hundreds Of Others In Other Tours

Nicholas Irving,30 appeared on the ‘Steve Malzberg’ show to talk about his recent entanglement with a would be thief. Irving a former US Ranger and master Sniper, recalled the incident for Malzberg, He had five tours of duty, two in Afghanistan and three in Iraq, he is the author of ‘The Reaper’ which chronicles his time in the Army.

Sargent Irving recalled his recent take down of a thief on the Malzberg show. First he discussed his career in the Army Rangers, by saying his job was to patrol activity on the ground and keep it safe for his fellow soldiers.

Malzberg asked Irving what he thought of his detractors like movie maker, director, Michael Moore, who calls people like Irving, “murderers.” Irving responded with, “it’s irritating a little bit, especially when it comes from a person who has not been overseas, or gone through the things we have gone through.

As far as shooting people in the back, I’ve never done that,” people like Moore and others on the left have accused him of that. Furthermore, Irving went on, “Well maybe here was one guy, but he was going after my security forces, so I did what had to be done.”

Irving: “If Someone Is Running Towards My Troops, They Have To Be Stopped”

Sargent Irving was asked if had any regrets about his time in the service and the number of people he had to take out in the line of duty. He responded with, “No I don’t have any regrets, I only have one regret the guy I could not save.

That was Corporal Benjamin Cobb, I wouldn’t be here today, and our reconnaissance team, wouldn’t be here today. He saved our lives, we are all very grateful to him for that, and keep him in our memories”.


Irving talked about the incident with the thief that tried to rob him. He said, “Monday got interesting, short story, someone attempted to rob me, but it didn’t work out in his favor. While within my legal right to defend what is mine, property, my person, etc. with the use of deadly force.

The choice not to and a little hard work, seemed like the best choice.” Irving tackled the intruder to the ground, and held him at gunpoint until the Texas Rangers arrived to take him into custody. He thanked law enforcement for arriving so quickly to the scene.

Irving Believes More Help Is Needed For Returning Service Members

Irving also spoke about what it’s like to return to the family after serving in military. He said, “it’s a little of everything, when you’re away, you focus on the guys that you’re surrounded with.

Why you protect them and how you protect them. Then you have to adjust to just dealing with your role in the family, and just getting into a routine off the battle field can be very difficult. It takes a lot of work, just like anything else”.

He also talked about politicians like Howard Dean, who slammed him for going overseas, and ”being a professional hit man.’ He took it back and did apologize.

Irving said he don’t accept the apology, because there is big disconnect with soldiers and politicians. You’re touching a very sensitive topic when you’re making ridiculous comments and statements.”


  1. Iran has no claim to fame here on soleimani he was a murdering thug who has been sent to HELL to answer for his crimes that was a good thing that has happened. so back trump up for his actions he has done well

  2. I agree, he should have crippled the perp for life. I knew of one incident in Vietnam. A sapper was rushing to blow up a hooch with soldiers in it. He had plastic explosives strapped to his chest. He picked the wrong hooch. There were 4 senior NCO’s in that hooch. They sapper died. When they checked the body, they found 110 bullet holes in his body. There were 4 people firing at the sapper. Each had an M-16 with one full 30 round clip. That gave them 120 rounds. Not bad shooting and they all walked away alive and no injuries. The perp had enough plastic explosives to blow up at least two hooches. Nope, didn’t make it. No regrets by any of us.

  3. This wasn’t talked about but I’m sure SGT Irving realizes that we might have to do the same thing to the democrats and rinos that he did to the enemies over in the ME. It’s not that we want it to happen but they are pushing for it to happen so once we start we cannot quit until they are finished. I’m not talking about where they try to surrender after a week or so no once it starts we have to make sure they can never come back and try it again.

  4. I have done much research on Communism, I find it mindboggling that so many people don’t understand this oppressive, sinister ideology, especially young people, it’s scary to think about the propaganda they’re being fed by America hating “professors” just a few months ago I read an article about one of these types, even showed a picture of a very angry Muslim who lectures on what’s wrong with America, of course he despises our president. I didn’t change the subject to Islam,by flooding America and Europe with Muslims is a big part of their goal for “World Conquest”

    • That is a problem with the courts. There was a law passed in 1954 outlawing all such political perversions. This follows with the provision in Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution mandating a Republican form of government. The Court said that the Framers never defined what a Republic was. That is how ridiculous this sham has become.

      Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter, both justices on the Court, were devout communists, See Wikipedia. FDR openly embraced communism stating, “there is nothing wrong with communism, many of my friends are communists”. This is no joke or fake news, he really said it.

      You really want a shock, read, “Blacklisted by History, The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy”. The book cites the Venona Papers. They are unclassified intelligentsia documents released a while after they railroaded Joe. It verifies everything McCarty was saying and goes way beyond. Joe was just scratching their surface. Yet McCarthism is the cry foul for all the Neo Marxists and Communists currently in play.

      We have either an ignorance problem with the citizenry or laziness issue. They have all become addicted to what I call “Political Welfare”. They have abrogated their duty to bought and paid for politicians. They acquiesce to the appearance of authority where none exists.

      This is what the Framers feared most, a jaded complacent citizenry!

  5. What would those who have never served nor would they ever server know what you have been through. Thanki you for your bravery and service.


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