Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Son Just Stabbed Their Neighbor 7 Times…Where is the Outrage?!


It seems that black folks get a free pass on everything these days, especially when they’re celebrities. The son of basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar carved up his neighbor with a knife. Instead of rioting in outrage, the black community rallied behind Kareem’s suggestion to slap a warning label on Gone With The Wind.

Abdul-Jabbar outraged over gone with the wind

Adam Abdul-Jabbar, the 28-year-old son of the basketball legend Kareem stabbed a “long-time neighbor” 7 times. He allegedly flew into a fit of rage “over trash cans.” Nobody seemed to notice. Instead of telling America that he’s getting counseling for his maladjusted son, the elder Abdul-Jabbar is complaining that Gone With the Wind needs a warning label.

Even though Gone With the Wind is considered a “Civil War classic” and thrilled audiences for generations, Kareem wants a warning label glued directly to the disk saying it does not meet Black Lives Matter approval.

In far-left leaning Hollywood, the so called “entertainment” industry has, according to Breitbart, “begun expunging the classic movie that has been considered one of the most romantic epics in Hollywood history since its 1939 debut.” They weren’t very “woke” in the 1930’s.

Stereotypical characters

It seems that back in 1930’s it was popular to portray people as they were, rather than as progressives want them to be portrayed. That doesn’t go over real well these days. After all, black folks might get the idea that picking up a knife and cutting your neighbor isn’t acceptable.

On June 16, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took time out of his busy day bonding with his family to write an opinion article slamming civil war history. Gone With the Wind deserves a warning sticker “not just for its black stereotype, but also for glorifying ‘the Confederacy as if they were a bunch of highly principled martyrs hunkered down in holy glory instead of an entitled mob of human-trafficking murderers, rapists, and traitors trying to destroy the United States.'”

The basketball star does not like the way slavery is depicted in the movie one bit. He says it “romanticizes slavery as if it was nothing more than a workplace sitcom in which all the slaves were happy baristas at the plantation’s Starbucks.” Instead of saying she didn’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies, Prissy should have picked up a kitchen knife and attacked Scarlet O’Hara with it.


  1. I often wondered why people who aren’t happy in America with our Founding Fathers’ principles; why don’t they just leave the United States. Americans are not going to change to suit their agendas, and if they don’t like American history…. just leave! There are many socialist countries that will accept you unhappy people with open arms. So leave! And by the way; where do you find the time to demonstrate, loot, cause casualties and burn buildings? Whenever I see this kind of tyranny from people with nothing else to do, I see terrorism in America generated by the disgruntled and probably living on welfare.

    USAF (RET)

  2. I guarantee you if a white guy did this he would be in jail before he could flip fly’s off of shit!!
    But seeing as how this POS is abdull jabber’s kid—it was just a mistake and that is acceptable!!!

  3. I am loath to say this, but people like him are hurting the Black Community, his son needs to be held accountable for his actions made to serve time for “Attempted Murder” I don’t care if Kareem and his son are “Muslim”. We have laws and they need to be followed, or else we will have anarchy and could see worse problems for the Black Community.
    I see that as usual it is the 1-2% is behind 95% of the problems we have right now.

  4. Wow! The blacks and leftists like to talk about white privilege, but if a white guy’s kid throws a tantrum and nearly kills someone the white guy doesn’t get the choice to forget my son and put a warning label on “Roots”. I’ll bet anything that Lew Alcindor’s a Democrat. His anger about “the glorification of the Confederacy as if they were a bunch of highly principled martyrs hunkered down in holy glory instead of the entitled mob of human-trafficking murderers, rapists, and traitors trying to destroy the United States”, would be way more believable if he weren’t a voting member of the very same group he is discussing. Couple that with the fact that he dropped his religion to become a Muslim and to this day they still condone slavery and are also rapists and murderers. All that and his kid is still a shit headed criminal.

    • I always wonder how black people can be Muslim when it was and is Muslims enslaving their ancestors and fellow africans?

  5. I was in Rip City Jabar when Bill Walton caught your black hazz underneath the basket. He came down on you so hard it ripped your funky yellow glasses off and left you sitting on your hazz all embarrassed. So did BLM and Soros ask you to do a write up on Gone With The Wind? Passing wind is all that brain of yours can produce. How much did they pay you to put your name on it? Black men beating white women on the streets. To all you dizzy Moe-foos? Keep your hands to yourself. Because I`ve got some bullets for your behinds. They should have given your race the opportunity to choose what country they wanted to live in back in 1865 but they did. There was no money in chucking mangoes in containers was there. Money what`s that? Your race chose to stay here. If you couldn`t have said something positive. Why? Miss the crowds do you? Got a great idea go live back in Africa Throw mangos at containers again. Money what`s that? I could say it again.
    They are burning Christians in the streets there. Just how do you define racism? I will tell you what to think you`re going to pull a knife
    on me or one of mine? {*j*} You`re a walking dead man.

  6. Isn’t that attempted murder, so why hasn’t the adult child been arrested or has he, the article doesn’t say. You know, there are more murders by knives in the U.S. than by guns. Since knives are needed for cooking and construction work, etc., etc. I am not asking for knives being banded, so don’t take my sentence wrong.

  7. So now we understand where his son got the idea from… .HIS FATHER
    A star? More like a piece of shit.#raisingkillers

  8. Adam Abdul-Jabbar, the 28-year-old son of the basketball legend Kareem stabbed a “long-time neighbor” 7 times. He allegedly flew into a fit of rage “over trash cans.” The elder Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem is complaining that a warning label should be glued directly to the trash cans saying they do not meet Black Lives Matter approval and use might cause random stabbing and possible death. Jus Sayin…

  9. Read: “Black Yellowdogs: The Most Dangerous Citizen Is Not Armed, But Uninformed” by Ben Kinchlow and note:
    Anthony Johnson (black African) – was the owner of the first black African slave in the colonies, ‘John Casor’. In 1654, John Casor became the first legal slave in “America.”
    Anthony Johnson, previously an African indentured slave, claimed John Casor as his slave. The Northampton County ruled against Casor, and declared him (John Castor) Anthony Johnson’s property for life. (Note this court was English and it was more than 100 years before our revolution.) Since Africans were not English, they were not covered by English Common Law.
    Don’t forget, the democrat party created the Ku Klux Klan as its murderous private army
    and it murdered many freedmen (former slaves) and their supporters.
    More history, Hitler copied the KKK for the NAZI’s, and his, SA Stormtroopers the Brownshirts, a fascist personal army a very murderous group.

  10. Yes a Muslim crying about injustice! You can’t write better comedy than this. He says it doesn’t meet the standards of BLM. This guy shows the reason why kids should pass testing, and keep on passing tests and standards before they get any scholarships for sports. Getting pampered and special treatment because you run fast, can throw a ball in a hoop, or can catch a ball is not anything that helps this person or this country if you end up this f::ken stupid!

  11. Lou Alcindor said….Prissy should have picked up a kitchen knife and attacked Scarlet O’Hara with it….MUCH like your son did to the neighbor….right Lou/Kareem….just a bunch of muslims playing nicely…until they get caught ….then they take on the “Victim Role “….straight out of the Koran….right Lou?

  12. Muslims shouldn’t have any right to complain about anything. Their shitbag religion is a f::ken joke! Kill or treat as slaves any who do not convert, that is the premise of Islam. Only weak minded men would ever go to this religion because it gives them power over women whom they would never get a chance in the real world. F::ken losers in reality and losers in their cult religion. Kareem can kiss my ass! You don’t like a movie don’t watch it you stupid f::k! You should put a warning on your forehead…attention you are talking to a f::ken dope! Nuff said!


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