Kamala Harris’ Epic Failure to Silence Trump

Major flop for Harris.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has been headed down the wrong road for months now.

Once considered a frontrunner in this race, her campaign is all but over now.

Harris was hanging her hopes on a push to have Donald Trump booted off Twitter, but even her fellow Democrat candidates could not get on board with the ridiculous movement Harris is trying to start.

Nobody is Buying It

For weeks now, Kamala Harris has been leading a movement to try to have Trump removed from Twitter.

She first revealed her plan while doing an interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper and has continued to push it ever since.

Her game plan to try to beat Trump is to silence his ability to communicate directly with the American people.

When Harris pushed this during last night’s debate, she was all but mocked by her fellow Democrat presidential candidates.


While trying to get Warren on board with the Twitter ban, Warren responded to Harris’ request by stating, “I don’t just want to push Trump off Twitter, I want to push him out of the White House.”

It’s Just About Over

Harris should be ready to pack up and call it a day very soon.

Her campaign, which at one time was among the top three in the race, is now a bottom-dwelling failure.

She has simply failed to grasp America’s attention after the first debate, where her blistering attacks on Joe Biden put the first real crack in the former vice president’s presidential hopes.

Her record as a prosecutor has been exposed and it is that record that she has so heavily leaned on that has led to much of her downfall.

Warren the Clear Leader

At this point, it is pretty clear that Elizabeth Warren is now the true frontrunner in this race, which will lead to an epic showdown against Trump if she does win the nomination.

Her record is littered with flaws that the media has yet to jump on but that alt-media outlets will have no problem filling the internet with to expose the fraud that is Elizabeth Warren.

In the meantime, the media treats her with kid gloves and debate moderators continue to give her the lion’s share of speaking time during these debates.

Harris, however, could still be a player in this game as it moves forward. Do NOT count her out as a VP candidate for a ticket.

Imagine a Warren/Harris ticket facing off against Trump and Pence during the election… that would be, as the credit card commercials say, priceless.


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