Kamala Harris Desperate Attempts to Gain Poll Numbers


Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) Is Grasping At Straws To Gain In The Polls

Many predict that the former Attorney General of California Senator Kamala Harris’ bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination is waning. She came out of the gate fighting hard, as she sparred with Joe Biden during the first Democratic debate.

Harris scored some points by bringing up a time when she was abused as a child in California. The next day she started selling T-Shirts to canalize on the moment, and quickly lost credibility. In what many are calling ‘a last ditch effort to gain attention and poll points Harris is at it again’.

She wrote a letter to the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey on Wednesday asking that President Trump be kicked off the social platform. In her letter Harris wrote, that ‘Trump has violated the rules of Twitter repeatedly’. She specifically mentioned Trump’s tweets about the current Impeachment Inquiry.

Kamala said that ‘Trump quoted a pastor as saying if he’s impeached it could create a civil war. Harris said “These are blatant threats, we need to live in a civil society, not a civil war’. These tweets represent a clear intent to deliberately discredit the “Whistle Blower.

Senator Warren (D-Mass.) Wasn’t Having Any Of Harris’ Last Ditch Attempts To Elevate Herself

When Warren appeared at an ‘MSNBC Gun Safety Forum’ on Wednesday, she was asked about Harris and twitter by a reporter. Warren was asked directly if Trump should be thrown off of Twitter, and she said, “No”. Then laughed at the notion.

Warren is one of several Democrats to challenge Harris and her beliefs that Trump should be banned from twitter. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) said who has been gaining in the polls took the opportunity to attack Harris’ job as a prosecutor.


The Kuwait War Veteran said, “Freedom of Speech is a fundamental American right, it’s what I fought for”. Harris has been steadily declining in the polls, which most polls show her to be at 5%. When polls were first conducted in July she was at 15%, but Harris says she’s still a contender.

Rep Tulsi Gabbard Says That She Would Never Be In Favor Of Silencing Anyone’s Right To Talk

Gabbard said, “I will stand up for every American’s right and freedom of speech, no matter how strongly I disagree with that speech”. “This freedom is the First Amendment of The Constitution for a reason and I will do all I can to stand up for it”.

Gabbard made her remarks about ‘Freedom of Speech’ during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Thursday. Donald Trump has been on a Twitter tirade for the last few days.

POTUS has been particularly upset about the revelations that the Whistle Blower contacted Adam Schiff’s office before making the complaint. President Trump insists that Rep Adam Schiff, (D-CA) ‘has engaged in treason’, and he needs to resign immediately.


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