Justin Trudeau Spills the Beans about Covid

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Justin Trudeau just revealed the shocking truth about Covid in a recent address to the United Nations Conference. “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.

This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.” One thing is for certain, Covid is going to change the world forever.

Covid is forever

Conspiracy theories have been swirling all year ever since this mysterious virus spread across the globe. Did it really come from bat soup? Or was it a Chinese bioweapon created in a lab then purposely released to destroy the world economy? Are the Covid-19 deaths being downplayed? Or are they being massively inflated? Is the entire thing a hoax to usher in a “great reset?”

The globalists at the U.N. want to re-imagine economic systems and address inequality. How would they do that? With Socialism of course. The Left has been calling for a Universal Basic Income for years.

However, a large portion of Americans reject their Socialist agenda. One way to change their mind is to destroy the economy, close their businesses and take away their jobs.

Make them so poor and desperate that they beg for that government check. Closing small businesses ends up helping the huge corporations. It’s not safe to go outside, so do your shopping online!

Amazon stock has nearly doubled from the same time last year. “COVID-19 has been like injecting Amazon with a growth hormone,” one analyst says.

Do you think Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is anxious to end the lockdowns while his stock is soaring? How about Bill Gates? His pharmaceutical company has been working on a vaccine for the virus.

He thinks 70% of the world’s population must be vaccinated with his vaccine at $3 a pop. You can do the math on that business venture. Gates also says the vaccines won’t be very effective, and it will be a long time before we return to normal.

“Even if the first two or three vaccines are approved, their effectiveness in terms of preventing you from getting sick and not transmitting may not be perfect.” Well that’s not very reassuring Bill. Who in their right mind would inject themselves with this stuff? Maybe stick to making computer software.

gates Covid Vaccine

Bill Gates pandemic vaccine

Is Bill Gates a doctor? An elected official? No. But both Gates and Bezos were quick to congratulate Joe Biden on his election win against President Trump.

In a recent Tweet Gates said, “I look forward to working with the new administration and leaders on both sides in Congress on getting the surging pandemic under control, engaging partners around the world on issues like poverty and climate change, and addressing issues of inequality and opportunity at home.”

Biden has made it clear he’s open to locking down the country again and also issuing a national mask mandate. In a recent interview, Dr Fauci told reporters that “Americans have an independent spirit, but now is the time when they should do what they’re told.”

This little deep state troll must be dizzy from wearing that mask for so long. The spirit of independence is alive and well in every red blooded American, and if they try to force a “great reset” on us they will face a fierce resistance.

It’s clear they want us to shut up, stay home living in fear, take our vaccines, collect our government checks and submit to their agenda. But us patriots will not go down without a fight.


  1. It is very interesting, Gates who has no degree in any subject is being funded millions to make a vaccine which has been tried on millions in Africa with absolute disastrous results to a point the World Court has summons for Gates in I believe five countries for crimes against Humanity , because hundreds have died and had very bad results ; but who cares right, it is in Africa! and he wants to inject his mixture into the World he is a really evil excuse of a human.(The virus is patented yes and that can only happen if it is MAN made) The owner of Amazon is in for a shock and I can not believe he thinks Biden will win the White house even though he is being pushed him as the winner, which Biden has not refuted. Well Amazon may find his choice of a friend may in fact lead him down a very rocky slope because Trump is getting ready to act, and he will be the NEXT PRESIDENT no worry.

  2. What these WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERAL IDIOTS Bezos and Gates as well as all those in the MORON MEDIA do not realize is they will be the first to go. Those Billionaires will be stripped of all their money and possessions. Those in the Media will be made to disappear or publicly executed because they know the TRUTH and that makes them to dangerous to those in power to live. I give the Ho who will be enthroned in America if Democraps CHEATING holds a month before the cleansing starts.

  3. Jackal Trudeau is right about one thing: Canada is in a reset. What he means it that he might deny the use of the vaccine to relief the Canadian public of come out of the virus and keep them sick and locked up as prisoners and criminals for his and the globalist pleasure of abuse and destruction. Unless he and his filthy thieving coyote Liberal MP’s are voted out of power along with the NDP terrorists and the imperial BLOC, Canada will be a prison and slave nation. AS stated in Bill C-7 passed nearly a year ago, this wicked coyote wants morbid death for Canadians in concentration camps ALL for Agenda 21 and the Globalist elite hogs.

  4. Crime Minister Justin Trudope is just like Ole China Joe . . . things just tumble out of his mount, brain only partially engaged.
    He is Canada’s Dumbest PM ever . . . and he and Senile Joe could likely have a meaningful conversation, they are both on the same level . . . memorized sound bites !


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