Justice Ginsburg Just Received Devastating News


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just announced a devastating development. Her cancer has returned and it’s spread through her liver this time. On Friday she issued a formal statement emphasizing the positive. The good news is that the chemotherapy is working.

Ginsburg ‘fully able’ to keep working

Liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t going to let a little thing like cancer keep her out of the courtroom. She assures radical progressives that she’ll continue to hold down the far-left side of the bench for quite a while. The chemotherapy is yielding “positive results,” her statement declares and the 87-year-old Notorious RBG insists she remains “fully able” to continue in her post.

Liberal Democrats are terrified at the thought that Donald Trump may get the almost unheard of opportunity to pick a third conservative justice to the high court during his administration. The current 5-4 conservative edge would grow to a rather comfortable 6-3 majority if liberals lost Ginsburg now. You can bet it will become a hot topic before the election. If Creepy Joe Biden were to demoniacally steal the election, he can maintain the fourth liberal seat a while longer.

The cancer diagnosis is separate from the infection Justice Ginsburg was hospitalized for earlier this week. An episode of fever and chills prompted a visit to Johns Hopkins so she could be pumped full of IV antibiotics. She’s known about the cancer flare-up for a while but kept it under wraps until she got the report that the chemotherapy is working. “I have often said I would remain a member of the Court as long as I can do the job full steam. I remain fully able to do that.”

Cancer in her liver but not liver cancer

The official statement that Ginsberg released through her staff makes it clear that the “pancreatic cancer Ginsburg was treated for in 2009 has returned again, this time in her liver.” The statement specifies, “it is not liver cancer.” Without telling the public a single word about it, “she tried one of the new immunotherapies for cancer but it failed to shrink the tumors.”

After the Immunotherapy didn’t work, she switched to Gemcitabine which is “a standard chemotherapy treatment” and particularly effective “for pancreatic cancer that has spread.” It worked, so she could finally tell her fans. “Satisfied that my treatment course is now clear, I am providing this information.” If it didn’t work, she would have covered it up. Cancer is an old friend of Ruth Ginsburg. The last time she tangled with the pancreatic cancer was in 2019. Before that, she had some tumors removed from her lung in 2018 and colon cancer in 1999.

As she wrote in the press release, “On May 19, I began a course of chemotherapy to treat a recurrence of cancer. A periodic scan in February followed by a biopsy revealed lesions on my liver. My recent hospitalizations to remove gall stones and treat an infection were unrelated to this recurrence.” Funny, but none of the press reports this week said a word about gall stones. What else is Ginsburg hiding?


  1. Cancer in her liver but not liver cancer…Oh how stupid they must think we are! RBG will be kept on mechanical life support until a Democrat can take Power once again.

    • My hubby had it in his liver and it was LIVER CANCER… It appears hers is spreading like his did and he didn’t live but 2 months after they found all of his… The doctor said that cancer spreads fast and when there is no surgery done it’s not a lot they can do except give treatments and he only had one……….Maybe her treatments ill work for her…………..

  2. Never convince me that she’s alive. Those twisted folks at Disney Animatronics are running the robot version of RBG. Seriously, the Auld Battle Axe has more lives than a cat.

  3. It’s INTERESTING that you’re so against an ANTIFASCISM group–you probably have never looked up what fascism looks like, if you do, you’ll see that it is like what IS being pushed upon us by the rightests here and in Brazil and a couple of other countries that support Trump.

    • Are you serious? Do you know anything about the socialism of Nazi Germany and that of,say, Cuba?
      Both systems are associated with the blood bath of the 20th Century wherein,apart from the 2 World Wars ,in excess of 100 million,probably closer to 140 million ,were tortured and murdered by regimes calling themselves socialist.Fascism Socialism have similar philosophies that create an elite class and a working class/proletariat.There is minimal individual freedom in either.
      If you think the Trump presidency has any similarities to those murderous regimes,get a grip man!

    • So, fighting and opposing the groups who murder, burn and destroy cities and historical monuments resembles fascism? Opposing those who want to defund police forces resembles fascism? Allowing private industry to return to the USA and flourish resembles fascism? Reducing the size of government to remove restrictions to business is promoting fascism? Dramatically reducing the number of unemployed people who otherwise rely upon government (taxpayer’s money) to survive resembles fascism? Rebuilding our military and being prepared for military aggression resembles fascism? Creating an unprecedented growth in job and industrial expansion resembles fascism? Finally sealing our borders to prevent criminal entry resembles fascism to you? One of us needs to calibrate our dictionary.

    • Obviously Paul doesn’t know what he is talking about! Antifa (originally Anti First Amendment) is a current version of The Hitler youth groups (called the brownshirts). The BLM organization is another group of fascist terrorists. Thanks, you are right on Douglas!

  4. Socialism is just one step from communism. And you see what Chyna is doing right now? We have the wahoo virus that spread around the world because of them. Even though I really don’t love Muslims you see that they’re taking them in China and you will never see them again. They got on a train to a death camp. And this is what you want for America? Well instead of wishing that on America where we love our freedom why don’t you just move to one of those places that has socialism. You’re free here to move and you can go stand in their bread lines.

  5. We can only hope the illness comes with her toe tags as she is incompetent to do her job,you cant hear a SCOTUS case while you are sound asleep.Senile old bat

  6. This type of cancer is a DEATH SENTENCE! It’s just a matter of time. Just ask Alex Trebek. It’s amazing she has lasted this long.


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