Justice Ginsberg Rushed to the Hospital, Supreme Court Releases Statement


The internet is back on high alert after the vultures were spotted circling Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg again. She was rushed to the hospital for what the official Supreme Court statement calls “treatment for a possible infection after experiencing fever and chills.”

Justice Ginsberg resting peacefully

The 87-year-old liberal justice is still alive, officials insist. She’s comfortably resting peacefully, not resting in peace. They’re busy pumping her full of intravenous antibiotics and they’ll keep her in the hospital “for a few days” until they get the undisclosed “infection” under control. According to spokeswoman Kathleen Arberg, while Ginsberg was there, they went ahead and performed a procedure on Tuesday “to clean out a bile duct stent that was placed last August.”

When ultra-liberal Justice Ginsberg spiked a fever Monday night, everyone was afraid she caught the Kung Flu so they rushed her to Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., for an initial evaluation. They decided to have Notorious RBG transferred to Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore.

She’s been back and forth to the doctor on a regular basis ever since Bill Clinton appointed her to the bench in 1993. Since then, Ginsberg “survived” four bouts with cancer and “a number of health issues.” The hard-core “leader of the court’s liberal wing” would be a huge loss to Democrats. Especially if she were to be replaced under President Trump’s conservative reign. She’s trying real hard to live another five years, she promises.

Oral argument by teleconference

Back in May, Justice Ginsberg was admitted for an extended hospital stay while she “underwent treatment for a benign gallbladder condition.” That didn’t keep her from clocking in and doing her job though. She “called from the hospital to participate in oral arguments, which the Supreme Court held remotely by teleconference as part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

She called in sick to miss “a day of oral arguments in November due to a stomach bug.” She took a couple days off and “returned to work later that week.” Earlier this year, when everyone was getting nervous because she hadn’t been seen in public for a while, Ginsberg surfaced to announce “publicly for the first time that she was cancer-free.”


Notorious RBG, famous for the spoken word album and her music award, may be “cancer-free” but Ginsberg isn’t getting any younger. Liberals are terrified that President Donald Trump may actually get to pick a third conservative justice to thwart their plans of evil world domination.



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