Judge Wipes the Floor With Ungrateful Welfare Mother…Puts Her Right in Her Place

Judge Tracy Sheehan (left), Welfare mother Angel Adams (right)
Judge Tracy Sheehan (left), Welfare mother Angel Adams (right)

Angel Adams, mother of 16 children, appeared in court before Judge Tracy Sheehan to discuss her children and the welfare she receives for them.

Adams had appeared in a newscast prior to the court appearance. In the newscast, she said that “somebody” needs to take responsibility for all of her children, and all of her suffering, which apparently began when the father of 10 of her 16 children, Garry Brown Sr, was sent to jail on cocaine charges.

Somebody did end up taking responsibility for her children, it was the taxpayer. State services gave her a free home, furniture, food and clothing for both her and her 16 children. Adams has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in welfare benefits, and she does not seem to care.

Court Appearances

Adams’ first appeared in court after authorities found out that she and her children were living together in a small motel room. They had just been evicted from the two-bedroom apartment where they had been living without paying rent.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and the State Department of Children and Families, along with three charities, Hillsborough Kids Inc., the Children’s Home Society, and A Kid’s Place, all came together to provide Adams and her children with a temporary six-bedroom home.

Hillsborough Kids Inc. also paid over $6000 that Adams owed to the Tampa Housing Authority.

28 court appearances later, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Tracy Sheehan was frustrated with the entire situation.

Representatives from the charities, along with members of social services, were all in attendance at the court proceeding.

The judge criticized Adams for being ungrateful for everything that has been done for her.

“A lot of people have gone way extra miles for you,” Judge Sheehan said, “Do you understand that? Hear what I’m saying. Reach out your hand to these people instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth and asking for more, more, more.”

Judge Sheehan asked for a visitors list for who had been or will be visiting the state-provided home, which is a routine requirement in welfare cases to ensure the safety of the children. She also asked Adams if she was pregnant. Throughout the proceeding, Adams replied to every question from the judge with “No comment.”

Nick Cox, regional director for the Department of Children and Families, spoke on their behalf, stating: “Everyone has bent over backward. The mother has been less than gracious.” He also said that Adams could lose her children if she doesn’t work with caseworkers, and show that she is actively caring for her children.


  1. She and her useless drug gang husband should have lost those kids LONG AGO and then both of them should be sterlized! Stop giving people dozens and dozens of chances to become responsible while they are on the taxpayer dime!!

  2. This is exactly why you need a contract between the mother and the state. The contract should state that any children born after the contract if you weren’t already pregnant would be disqualified from payment. This would more than likely stop a lot o this “anchor welfare baby” nonsense. If they want more kids they will have to get work and pay for the extra kids. There is nothing that says we owe people more money for having mroe and more kids so they can take more money from the government and not meet their requirements for shelter, food and clothes for the kids. This means the kids need to be put into foster care which will cost a well. I think the mothers should be tested for drugs and also be on birth control.

  3. Just like it was (and maybe still is) in Calif. back in the 50-60’s. The more kids you pop out the more money you got. What a shame.

  4. Really ?????? Do you really need to comment on this low life ? Really ? hahahhaha bunch of chuckle heads. What a waste…

  5. 16 children, and the taxpayers have to pay for them ? This woman should be STERILIZED ! Her behaviour is disgusting, and the taxpayers should not have to suffer for it. Let her start using CONDEMS !


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