Joy Reid Proves to Americans She is an Idiot

Joy Reid is an Idiot
Joy Reid is an Idiot

When it comes to the idiot left-wing media, there is no shortage of idiot tarts in their left-wing dessert shop. Of course, the one that probably takes the cake (no pun intended) would have to be one Joy Reid of MSNBC. She literally does a masterful job of shoving her foot completely down her own throat.

In the latest installment of “Who Wants To Be a Total Moron,” Reid compared the Texas GOP to the Taliban. Yeah, she went there. And just why, you ask? Well, because these Republican lawmakers in Austin had the chutzpah to not only pass laws that protect unborn children from being murdered in their mothers’ wombs, but they laid down fines for the abortionist doctors that were caught violating these laws.

This latest GOP-led pro-life law was passed last spring and it was set to go into effect this past September. It targets elective abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, which ultrasound can usually pick up at about six weeks into the pregnancy. However, this law is more cleverly worded than other similar laws.

Of course, Texas isn’t the first state to enact a “heartbeat law”, but their example differs in that it allows the government to shut down abortion clinics and fine (or even jail) abortionist doctors that have been caught performing illegal abortion procedures in violation of the law. Under normal circumstances, these heartbeat laws would lead to the abortion clinic challenging the law in court by saying that the government is encroaching on “constitutionally legal” abortions, even though they’re not, according to the Fourteenth Amendment. Thus, most of the time, these “heartbeat laws” end up going nowhere.

This new Texas law is going to take a different approach, however. Instead of targeting the abortion clinics via the government’s own power, the measure is going to allow any United States citizen, regardless of whether they are a Texas resident, to sue any abortion clinic that has performed an elective abortion (with the exceptions allowed for rape, medical emergencies, and incest) beyond the detection of that fetal heartbeat. In these cases, the plaintiff is allowed to receive a $10,000 award plus the legal fee. The best way to sum it up is that this new Texas law would “deputize” ordinary citizens and give them the ability to exact justice against the abortion clinics for the murder of these unborn children. Not only that, but it cuts the government itself completely out of the enforcement process. The legal workaround has put abortion advocates in a bit of a bind, simply due to the fact that they are not sure how to challenge the measure in court because the government isn’t the one that is enforcing the measure.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped idiot abortion supporters from whining about it. They are complaining that this new law essentially places a “bounty” on the heads of abortionists. This is highly ironic, to say the least, simply due to the fact that these are the same clinics that profit from murdering these unborn children that they have been hired to kill.

This leads us back to MSNBC personality Joy Reid, and it was during her comments regarding this out-of-the-box new anti-abortion law that she decided to compare the Texas measure to Talibanism. That’s right. She compared this Texas fetal heartbeat law to the actions of a bunch of bloodthirsty terrorists.

“So now Texas Republicans are putting bounties on pregnant women. I almost hate to ask what this benighted party will think of next,” Reid tweeted (despite the fact that there is no stipulation in the law that allows for anyone to sue the woman seeking the abortion).

“This is Talibanism. Are Texas conservatives going to be spying on women of childbearing age and turning them in for the bounties?” she added.

You gotta love how this law is seeking to protect babies that are being dismembered in the womb, but here we have Joy Reid comparing them to the morbid Taliban, who do far, far worse morbid things and would actually SUPPORT these morbid abortions. Yeah, good one, Joy. You have all lost all touch with reality, that is for sure.