Jordan Shatters Entire Democrat Narrative with One Statement

Jim Jordan

Ambassador Taylor was the Democrats “star” witness today and the liberal media has embraced just about every word that he has said as fact.

However, as we stated earlier, most of his testimony was his perception or opinion.

Rep. Jordan (R-OH) crushed Taylor during his testimony by pointing out that very fact.

This is NOT About an Understanding

When you are going to impeach a president, you have to have clear facts.

When Bill Clinton was impeached, there was a mountain of evidence against him.

When Nixon was being impeached, there was a mountain of evidence against him.

During Donald Trump’s impeachment, we get hearsay and opinion.

Jordan the ‘New’ Gowdy

When Trey Gowdy was in Congress, he was a rock star during these hearings because of his bulldog nature and relentlessness during questioning.

Rep. Jordan has clearly taken over that role.

Taylor, during his testimony, stated there was a “clear” understanding that Ukraine was only going to get the aid and a White House meeting if an investigation was opened into the Bidens and Burisma, the corrupt company that employed Hunter Biden.

Jordan, after hearing Taylor’s comments, stated, “Now, with all due respect, Ambassador, your clear understanding was obviously wrong.”

Jordan would later push the narrative we have been pressing all day in that far too much of this “evidence” is hearsay.

Jordan stated, “Ambassador Taylor recalls that Mr. Morrison told Ambassador Taylor that I told Mr. Morrison that I had conveyed this message to Mr. Yermak on September 1, 2019, in connection with Vice President Pence’s visit to Warsaw and a meeting with President Zelensky.

“We got six people having four conversations in one sentence, and you just told me this is where you got your clear understanding.

“And you’re their star witness.”

This statement by Jordan undoubtedly reinforced Trump’s innocence for conservatives, but it is unlikely it moved anyone on the left to think the same.

If we had to give a decision on the first day of the public hearings, I would have to call it a draw simply because I don’t think either side was able to move the needle of the other.

However, I will say, at this point, there simply is no way this impeachment makes it out of the Senate because Democrats failed to swing a single Republican to their side and it is unlikely they have even convinced enough members in the Senate among Democrats that Trump did anything worthy of impeachment.

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  1. Is there anything sadder than the Democratic Party? Of all the threats to our country and our democracy they top my list.


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