37 Years After His Death, John Wayne’s Family Makes Announcement That Changes Everything

John Wayne
Photo Courtesy of Insomnia Cured Here via Creative Commons License

John Wayne… The Duke. The quintessential tough guy and cowboy. He was as American as apple pie and he knew how to get things done.

Even though it’s been 37 years since the Duke has passed on, his family has a very important announcement to make regarding some of the things this man stood for.

In an era when it seems like political correctness has run amok and when actors everywhere are against our current president, the family of John Wayne realizes he would be very old-school regarding the situation.

“Grandpa was a fighter,” John Wayne’s grandson recently said. “When it comes to the surprise election results of 2016, he would have realized that Americans were in a bit of a crisis, and they were looking for something a bit more real and meaningful.”

Naturally, when we see John Wayne, we see someone with an iconic stature. However, those who knew him well know that he too had some setbacks early on.

Part of the reason that John Wayne’s family considers him a fighter is because of his early years in the 1920s when he was a star athlete at the University of Southern California. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as Wayne got into a surfing accident and could no longer play football, causing him to lose his scholarship.

Luckily for John and for the rest of the country, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Even though John Wayne started off as a world-class athlete, he was always highly interested in acting. After his accident, he got his start doing small parts and working as an extra. He would have his first big role in the 1930 film “The Big Trail.”

John Wayne’s stature only grew from there. Despite his humble beginnings, the Duke would go on to star in 142 motion pictures overall, having roles as diverse as a Civil War veteran, a cowboy on the Comanche Trail, and his last role, which was as an aging gunfighter battling cancer in The Shootist.

For over three decades, John Wayne was a sure-fire bet that a movie would be successful.

Considering his legendary status, Wayne’s grandson had more to say about how he would react to this current political landscape.

In regard to the intense political division in this country, Wayne would have encouraged everyone to “not get discouraged! Don’t hide from Hollywood! Instead, be an agent for the good!”

To say that John Wayne (or Marion Robert Morrison, as he was known privately) was a giant of a man would be an understatement. However, he also was a giant of an American. He loved his country, and he would want to see it do well.

Would he agree with the current president on everything? Probably not. But he would give him the respect he deserves and realize that he is doing his best to Make America Great Again!

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