John Solomon Drops Christopher Steele Bombshell


The FBI just got caught lying and there’s no way they can wriggle out of it. Christopher Steele’s “primary sub-source” turned out to be an American resident, John Solomon reports, not someone living in Russia as claimed. Not only that, Igor Danchenko has close ties to one of Barack Obama’s favorite think tanks. That means a whole new line of investigation is about to open up.

John Solomon caught the FBI lying again

Columnist John Solomon dropped a major bombshell when he announced that the Federal Bureau of Instigation was caught in a serious lie. “Identification of Igor Danchenko as Steele’s subsource — reported by Real Clear Investigations and then confirmed by Danchenko’s lawyer to the New York Times — means Steele’s dossier relied on someone who wasn’t based in Russia despite claims to the contrary by the FBI.” In other words, all the Trump Russia collusion nonsense was made up by one traitorous American.

None of the four applications to tap Carter Page were legitimate but, as Solomon notes, the FBI swore under oath that on two of them, the “primary sub-source” of Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier, (who was also the only source,) was “truthful and cooperative,” and also “Russian-based.” That’s what IG Michael Horowitz said in December. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court never would have approved the wiretap if they knew the truth.

As Solomon points out, for a few years ending in 2010, Igor Danchenko worked at the Brookings Institution, which is well known as “a think tank familiar to many in the Obama administration.” Fiona Hill, a key witness in the Trump impeachment proceedings worked there. She was touted as “a Russia expert at the National Security Council.” The newly revealed Deep State network “of connections between Danchenko, Hill, Talbott and others inside Brookings has spurred Republicans to start investigating the think tank, a 501c 3 tax-exempt organization.”

Did Fiona Hill help cook up the dossier?

Ms. Hill just happened to be co-writing “a paper with Danchenko prior to the dossier being assembled.” Solomon puts that together with the fact that the president of the Brookings Institution, “former Clinton administration figure” Strobe Talbott “contacted Steele early in the Russia collusion probe and requested a copy of his dossier to share with Obama administration officials.” That little gem surfaced recently in a British courtroom.

In March, Christopher Steele admitted, “I remember taking a phone call from him, your Lordship, earlier in the summer, in which he said that he was aware that I had… material of relevance to the U.S. election.” As Solomon notes, “Steele claimed Talbott learned about his dossier work from either former National Security Adviser Susan Rice or former Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.” They both denied that.


In court, Steele tried to imply that Rice and Nuland “briefed him on the work we had been doing,” John Solomon reveals that “Talbott’s brother-in-law, Cody Shearer, distributed his own anti-Trump Russia dossier in September 2016, according to evidence released by Congress and the DOJ inspector general. It included some of the same allegations as those in Steele’s.” It turns out even more copies were floating around. In 2017, Talbott hand delivered a copy of Steel’s fiction to Hill, “after she started working inside the Trump National Security Council.” She admitted that during her impeachment testimony, Solomon says. She also “admitted she met multiple times with Steele in 2016.


A full blown probe

Devin Nunes told Fox he is opening a “full-blown” probe into the same information revealed by Solomon. “It looks like there were a lot of connections to the Brookings Institute.” The former chair of the House Intelligence Committee went on to explain, “people may remember” that back in 2016, the president of Brookings “had given the dossier to a few people. You also may remember that the State Department was involved and there were additional dossiers that weren’t the Steele dossiers, except that they mirrored the Steele dossiers.” According to Nunes, “we think there is a connection between the president of Brookings and those dossiers that were given to the State Department that mirrored the Steele dossiers.”

Finally, Solomon writes, Talbot worked for Bill Clinton and in 2011 Hillary picked him as chairman of a new Foreign Affairs Policy Board. He left Brookings in 2017, when she lost, after 15 years as its president. Arne Duncan, former Obama Education Secretary, hangs out at Brookings “along with several other alumni, such as former Obama Treasury official Stephanie Aaronson, former DOJ official Bill Baer and former State and NSC official Emily Horne.” Joe Biden really likes them too. He gave one of his first speeches as he was considering a run for the 2020 election at Brookings back in 2018.


  1. This is very interesting and to think had Trump not won you and I would never know this disturbing deeply corrupt cabal [obimbo] was close to destroying our nation. VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN in 2020;; democrap/fascists are unfit to serve our nation.

  2. It appears that Fiona Hill was up to her eyeballs in the hoax. And all the Democrats were in there humping to back her up in her testimony. All in all, Hillary was into this the whole time and she needs to pay the price for doing what she had Trump accused of! That slimy Clinton couple were demons just like the Obamas. Pitiful, disgusting human crud!


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