John Brennan Suffers Ultimate Meltdown as the Walls Close in Around Him


Barack Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, is feeling a little spooked and it’s showing. He went on the airwaves to push back against recent allegations that he engineered a coup to overthrow President Trump. His response amounts to a total meltdown as he insists he has nothing to hide. He can deny it all he wants but nobody believes him.

Brennan ‘drenched in cold sweat.’

John Brennan’s “nights are drenched in a cold sweat,” outspoken conservative James Woods tweeted. U.S. Attorney John Durham is allegedly zeroing in on Barack Obama’s CIA Director. Durham isn’t just another toothless watchdog Inspector General, he has a special grand jury and knows how to use it. Brennan allegedly suppressed evidence that Russia interfered on behalf of Hillary Clinton because it didn’t fit the narrative they wanted to push. That’s just for openers.

Brennan swears up and down it’s the Trump administration’s fault for telling the world about all the Deep State operatives who demanded the “unmasking” Michael Flynn after his entrapment. He sees nothing wrong with the entrapment itself, or the plot to stop Donald Trump in his tracks since the day he announced his bid for the White House.

President Trump considers Brennan “one of the architects” of Obamagate. Durham is probing into whether or not Brennan “took politicized actions to pressure the rest of the intelligence community.” He apparently intimidated the FBI, DOJ, NSA and numerous other spy groups “to match his conclusions about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s motivations,” sources told Wall Street Journal.

The ‘high confidence’ report was a lie

Various outlets have been reporting that Durham already interrogated CIA officials with a focus on the National Intelligence Council. That spooky little group is under the umbrella of the the Director of National Intelligence, which is in charge of networking between the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency. They put together the assessment that lied to say there was “high confidence” in collusion between Trump and Russia. We now know that the only collusion there was involved the Democrats.

Durham wants to know if Brennan intimidated James Comey and Andrew McCabe into using the Christopher Steele dossier as part of that bogus assessment. Brennan also needs to come up with some explanations for how “the dossier ended up in the assessment’s appendix, and whether Brennan misled others about the dossier’s use.” Another thing that Durham is looking at would be a “secret source” that Brennan was handling. All anyone really knows is that the source was “close to the Kremlin.”


The former CIA station chief assigned to Moscow says he doesn’t “blame Comey as much as I blame Brennan.” According to Daniel Hoffman, Comey is your domestic law enforcement guy, but Brennan is supposed to be a professional CIA analyst.” He’s certain that “Brennan should have made it clear in 2016 that the intelligence community believed the Russians might be seeding Steele’s work with disinformation.” Steele’s only source, Oleg Deripaska was a shady character and Steele had “a real axe to grind” about Trump. Those should have been bright red flags.

An effort to undo the election

There is only one logical answer to the question “Why did Obama tell the FBI to hide its activities from the Trump administration?” As The Federalist points out, “because those activities amounted to an effort to undo the results of a free open and democratic election.” Fox contributor Mollie Hemingway explains that Obamagate is “not just a typical battle between political foes.” It’s not even an “example of media bias against political enemies.” Instead, she insists, “this entire operation was a deliberate and direct attack on the foundation of American governance.”

Nobody believes there was some sort of secret meeting in Barack Obama’s Oval Office. One where his top advisers sat down to specifically plot a coup against Donald Trump. Rather, it was probably much more of an organic process that evolved little-by-little in the Deep State shadows. “He’s impossible,” terrified progressives complained. Everything Donald Trump stands for is an obvious threat to the New World Order. He badmouthed Obama’s appeasement of Iran and complained about NATO not paying their bills. Most horrifyingly, he was fanning a wildfire of support for not only closing the borders but actually deporting all the illegal aliens already here. All his talk about trade deals, wiping out red-tape regulation, and replacing liberal judges was horrifying.

When Donald Trump did the unthinkable and actually won, they blamed it on the voters, who, they reasoned, “made a mistake.” Obama’s minions took it upon themselves to correct the injustice. As Roger Kimball at American Greatness puts it, they decided, “let’s mobilize the police and intelligence power of the state to make sure that virtue — that is, our political agenda — prevails.”


It has already been confirmed that John Brennan “suppressed” spy reports making it clear that Russia preferred Hillary, simply because she was “the devil they knew.” Donald Trump was a wild-card likely to do just about anything. Trump could turn into real trouble for the Russians and he made them nervous. Hillary, on the other hand was already on everyone’s speed dial since the uranium deals. The only Russian meddling in American politics was in conspiracy with the Democrats. Barack Obama personally and specifically told Vladimir Putin’s “stand-in,” Dmitry Medvedev, he “would have more flexibility after the election.” They woke up to a new reality on November 9, 2016. That’s when they started saying it “wasn’t a real election anyway.” Despite all their efforts to rig the election for Hillary, the voters “had chosen the wrong person.”


  1. we are looking at a group of bolsheviks who would employ any means necessary to achieve their objectives. Very simply our nation has been in the hands of liberal socialists for 50 years and this is now changing. Our liberal news media is just another useful tool for these communists to employ against the people. Obama is just another communist who wanted to hold onto power after his term ended hence the Russian nonsense . It’s coming apart for these commies and their friends and its going to get real ugly very quickly

  2. Clap on clap on er um off has little room to talk about brennan – if any at all. They are likely as much in it up to their eyeballs as barky and slow joe, and all of the rest of the crew. I’m waiting for one of the mid level crooks to roll over on the whole lot of them. Of course he/she better have really good protection or else they will likely commit arkancide……………………….

  3. If someone sat down and tried to write a story about a shadow government, it couldn’t be this one because it would be too unbelievable. No one would buy a sitting president attempting to destroy his successor, no one would believe that the entire Intelligence Community would be willing to ignore their vows to defend the Constitution in favor of taking the new president out, and it would be almost an unfathomable notion that almost every member of the Intelligence Community would be of the belief that the US would be better off if it’s sovereignty were discarded in favor of allegiance to some new World Government. But, sadly in violation of every thing we know about Americans, this is exactly what happened. It has the smell of not only an attempt to overthrow a duly elected president, but the very government of the US itself. It is a treason which can only be punished with a rope and a tree.


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