John Bolton Threatens to Expose Secret Ukraine Meetings

This could be VERY bad for President Trump.

John Bolton

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton appears to be ready to be the star witness for Democrats.

To this point, he has not testified because of a White House edict that as the former National Security Adviser, he is exempt from a congressional subpoena.

Now, he is awaiting a court order to speak to the House, apparently to give them information nobody else has about the Ukraine situation.

House Doesn’t Want to Wait

According to Bolton’s attorney, his client was “personally involved in many of the events, meetings, and conversations” that took place about Ukraine.

His attorney also stated that he also has knowledge of “many relevant meetings and conversations that have not yet been discussed” publicly.

Bolton has not been quiet out of loyalty to the Trump, quite the contrary.

Bolton, one of the former Trump officials that have offered significant criticism and pushback of Trump, went to court on his own so he could testify before the House.

However, the judge in the case has not set the court date until December 10, and House members do not want to wait that long.

When Bolton’s court date was issued, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated, “We are not going to delay our work.

“That would merely allow these witnesses and the White House to succeed in their goal, which is to delay, deny, obstruct.”

Could Bolton Be Anonymous?

There has been a LOT of speculation about who the anonymous author of the New York Times op-ed and now the upcoming book is.

Bolton assumed office in April 2018 and the op-ed did not come out until September 2018.

The fact Bolton has been out of office since September of this year and two months later, a damning book is coming out is probably not a coincidence.

When you add in the fact Bolton is taking legal action that will enable him to testify and that he has now taken his case to the courts seems to put him at the head of the pack as being the anonymous author.

Bolton is tight with Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) and served as his foreign policy adviser when he was running for president, so this is not just a random conspiracy theory here.

If Bolton does testify, it could really open the flood gates for Democrats because it is a very safe assumption that anything he says will not be to the benefit of the President.

If I had to put my money on someone right now, Bolton would be my odds-on favorite.

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