Joe Biden Teams Up With Radical Fundraiser Event Involving Hollywood Elites


Joe Biden is ignoring the “stay in your basement” advice of his handlers in order to charge wealthy radical democrats $2,800 a head for what’s advertised as a “Fabulous Evening.” The party will be attended by everyone on Hollywood’s exclusive “A” for Anarchist list. Cop hating John legend will be rubbing elbows with Barbra Streisand, Jay Leno, and Jennifer Hudson. When the evening is over, Antifa will have Biden’s soul in one of those Voodoo jars like they use in Haiti.

A radical way to go green

Joe Biden needs to go green in a radical way, but not one that will save the planet from cow farts. He needs the kind of green you can fold and he needs it right now. He’s ready to sell his soul to the globalist forces of evil darkness to get it too. “There is no chance that Joe Biden will be able to stand up to the ‘Defund the Police’ movement engulfing the Democrat Party and a growing number of his most visible supporters, now including John Legend,” Tim Murtaugh predicts.

President Donald Trump’s campaign communications director explains, “Disbanding police departments nationwide would send the country spiraling into chaos.” Even so, “the ‘Defund the Police’ train has already left the Democrat station and Joe Biden is a hapless passenger, whether he knows it or not.” After the voodoo ritual in Hollywood they’ll have his soul in a jar for sure.

John Legend openly declared he’s going to push Biden hard “towards totally defunding law enforcement.” Radical Hollywood anarchists are putting their money on the table but only on the condition that Biden promise to get rid of the police.

By the end of the night Biden’s soul will be in a jar.

Keep us safe without police

Legend and several other radical socialist socialites wrote a manifesto they call an open letter, demanding the police be starved for cash. “Vote no on all increases to police budgets. Vote yes to decrease police spending and budgets. Vote yes to increase spending on Health care, Education, and Community programs that keep us safe.”

Legend is smart enough to know Biden won’t jump in with both feet. “I’m almost 100% sure Biden won’t be tweeting #DefundThePolice. It’s the job of activists to push these politicians toward meaningful change.” He just wants to make sure that a firm and solid back room deal is in place.

Once they get Biden elected, then they can get him to follow through with the radical gun grabbing. Creepy Joe already assigned Beto O’Rourke the task to “confiscate Americans’ rifles at the first opportunity.” Legend’s domestic partner, Chrissy Teigen threw another $200,000 on the table to “bail out” protesters “across the country.” The ones that “damaged property and attacked police officers.”

If you think what’s happening on the radical left coast is a nightmare, Lisa Bender, President of the Minneapolis City Council, told CNN “that people worried about having no one to call during a home invasion were speaking from a ‘place of privilege.'” They have enough votes to disband their police department.


  1. Bet these idiots think the rest of us will tolerate the taking of our guns and police but they will still have theirs and their bodyguards ! Think again you overbloated idiots.


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