Joe Biden Blasts New York Times for ‘Malicious Claims’

Biden balks at equal treatment from media.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s corruption is starting to get some media attention, and Joe Biden is not happy about it at all.

After the New York Times published an op-ed by Peter Schweizer which openly questioned Hunter Biden’s business dealings, the former VP and presidential candidate threw a world-class hissy fit.

These Questions Must Be Answered!

There is a lot of debate as to whether or not Joe Biden actually did anything wrong.

Believe it or not, that is actually secondary here.

The rules for our politicians have always been blurry, so this is more about the “moral fabric” and optics than legalities.

However, it sure would be nice to add some legal problems on top of the obvious abuse of power here.

Joe Biden regularly pushes the angle of our moral fabric being put in jeopardy because of Trump.


Did Donald Trump’s son get a double waiver from the Navy to join the service as Hunter Biden did?

That’s right… not only did Hunter Biden get a waiver for being over the age limit, but he also needed a waiver due to past drug problems.

That waiver aged very well, too, as Biden was eventually discharged because of testing positive for cocaine!

Was it illegal for Joe Biden to allow Hunter Biden to fly on Air Force 2 for personal business or are we to merely take Hunter Biden’s word that his visit to Asia was purely social when he received a cash injection of more than $1 billion less than two weeks later from his “friends”?

Was it illegal for Joe Biden to hold a massive aid package hostage with Ukraine to have a prosecutor fired that was reportedly investigating the very company Hunter Biden would be appointed to a cushy board position shortly thereafter?

It’s Not Election Interference… It’s Corruption

The impeachment talk surrounding Trump is over a phone call to a new president to look into possible corruption.

The fact that Biden is a candidate is secondary in all of this.

As Americans, we deserve to know the truth about a presidential candidate, just as Dems and liberals demanded of Trump during the 2016 election.

Now that the heat is turned up on Biden, he is clearly getting very uncomfortable and he should be.

Biden paints himself as the savior for the people when he, in fact, is a deeply rooted member of the establishment with more than a few scandals buried deep inside his closet.

We are going to learn the truth, Joe, so keep screaming because the more you protest, the more it becomes quite apparent you are hiding a very dark secret deep in that closet of yours.



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