JLo’s Hidden Political Statement During Super Bowl Halftime Show

J-Lo Super Bowl Halftime show
Photo via La Regiaza Vevo YouTube Video Screenshot

Everyone wants to talk about JLo and Shakira shaking a tail feather last night and how it was disgusting, overly sexual, and anti-family material.

Well, when you allow Jay Z and Roc Nation to run your halftime show and you book two women known for scantily clad dance routines, what did you expect to see?

Be outraged if you must, but there was something far more troubling that happened during that halftime show that needs to be exposed.

The Roc Nation Deal

Jay Z’s Roc Nation has partnered up with the NFL to push social justice reform during the NFL’s halftime show of the Super Bowl.

The result of which we saw last night.

While both Jay Z and his wife, Beyonce, chose to sit during the national anthem, they also thought it appropriate to push a bogus and hidden message within the show itself.

The Hidden Message

There were actually two hidden messages, both of which have been virtually ignored by the mainstream media.

Everyone is marveling over JLO’s appearance at the age of 50 and how she and Shakira looked, but they are ignoring the fact liberal ideology and lies were being pushed during the performance.

Both messages were pushed during this one clip…

First, there are the children in cages, a statement against Trump’s immigration platform.

Liberals continue to push the bogus fact that Trump was responsible for these cages.

The fact is the laws that enabled child separation were put in place by President Bush and the cages themselves were built during the Obama administration.

Second, was the waving of the Puerto Rican flag, a shot at the problems Puerto Rico has been having with relief efforts, another lie.

Numerous reports have already circulated showing the horrific corruption and abuse by Puerto Rico’s liberal politicians.

An entire warehouse of relief supplies that went uncirculated was recently discovered, resulting in citizens taking a guillotine to the governor’s head. I guess that is Trump’s fault too!

Nobody is talking about this, but it needs to be talked about because the NFL is allowing this former drug dealer to push these silent messages and ram a liberal ideology down our throats.

Let’s stop worrying about JLo and Shakira gyrating and let’s start worrying about the real message they were sending.

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  1. This is nothing new. The entertainment industry has been trying to brainwash us for decades, and has been quite successful. The only that I know to combat this is not to give them money, which I don’t see happening. Sorry to say.

  2. It is funny they are just like Cher When they can’t perform like they use to and don’t have what they once did They start wearing less clothes I guess the thinking is if you show more they will look at me And for the messages if you don’t like it here get out The people that are making the most noise are people who have never served this country They have only used this country and now they want to listen to liberals who will say anything to get elected but have no way in hell have any idea to pay for all of these schemes It is another Obama moment You can lie and say anything to get votes but it is very difficult to get the lies to pan out So J Z J LO I am glad you live in your world because I certainly do not want you in mine If JZ and JLO care so much start shelling out some millions or shut ta fuck up

  3. What else can we expect. These striptease artist actually believe that the majority of American citizens watch their vulgar antics or listen to the filth they spew from their sewer mouths, but as with everything else they are WRONG. When we are watching TV & a commercial or public service message appears, spewing the vulgar opinions or attempts to indoctrinate by the Hollyweirdo’s we change the channel. It is an insult to me & my family if they to think we need to listen to their egregious & vulgar opinions or actions on any matter in our lives, which are real lives, not make-believe. I know the cost of a loaf of bread or carton of milk. None of them are even aware of just how that stuff ends up in their kitchen. Heck, I doubt most of them can even find their kitchen.


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