Jim Acosta Says Trump’s Coronavirus Address Wreaked of Xenophobia But…

    Jim Acosta
    Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

    The media has gone out of its way to not only try to portray Trump as a complete failure during this health crisis but also to further push the racist narrative.

    After President Trump’s recent presidential address, CNN’s Jim Acosta stated his address was “smacking of Xenophobia” because Trump stated the virus started in Wuhan, China.

    Sadly, for Acosta, he did the same thing, proving once again, he is a hypocrite.

    That Racist Narrative Again

    Somehow it has become xenophobic to use the name of the originating country for a virus.

    We did it with the Spanish flu, no problem.

    German measles… again, nobody has a problem with this.

    Trump says Wuhan Virus or states that the virus originated in Wuhan, China, he is a xenophobe…

    Uhm, Jim…

    Acosta slams Trump for being xenophobic, yet he used similar terminology when this crisis first started.

    He specifically called it the “Wuhan Coronavirus” for all to see…

    Do you know when he stopped?

    When people like Rep. Ilhan Omar decided putting a country tag on the origination of the virus was racist.

    It just goes to show how far the mainstream media is willing to stretch the truth to ensure Americans form a very specific perception of this president that is simply not true.

    Unfortunately, nobody is willing to call out the mainstream media for this behavior other than alt-media outlets and social media has all but shut us all down.

    Nobody wants to tell the truth, they just want you to hear the narrative they want to create.

    Honestly, Acosta should not even be allowed near the White House press corps anymore.

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    1. Jim Acosta does nothing but LIE & make up things about OUR President. He & several others in the media NEED to be kicked out once & for all during ALL press meetings with OUR President. My friends & I have noticed the past week how OUR President and his team have cane out & explained EVERYTHING to a tee.

      I have a niece that is 21 years old & she has asbergers syndrome. She writes for OUR local paper. She’s excellent on listening to someone speak & then writing her article. But ACosta & several others from CNN (Fake News) & MSNBC (More Fake News) either just DON’T listen when OUR President is speaking or just DON’T have good memories at all.

      Why do I say this??? Because after he speaks he takes questions. Some of them are good & he answers & moves on. But ACosta & the ones from FAKE NEWS always ask a question that OUR President has already talked about & FULLY explained during his presser. They use ALL these STUPID gotcha questions ONLY to try & trip IUR President up.

      Their questions NEVER have ANYTHING to do with all the things he has done during this Pandemic for OUR country or the people. ACosta; along with all the other CNN & MSNBC members of the press have NO clue WHATSOEVER what it TRULY means to be a GOOD journalist.

      They are only PAWNS for their Fake News outlets. And the outlets they work for are nothing but PAWNS that spread as many LIES & FAKE STORIES the Democratic Party asks of them. But what the Democratic Party don’t seem to understand is the FACT that more & more Democrat voters are finally seeing these lies. So it’s rather amusing. Their Party are driving their very OWN voters to the Republican Party.


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