Jill Biden Tosses Protester Off Stage

Joe Biden-2
Photo via @TerriSmith Twitter Screenshot

We can make fun of Joe Biden all we want, but if you mess with Jill, she is going to drop the hammer on you.

Jill Biden is a tough Philly girl, so while Joe Biden was panicking when a protester rushed the stage, it will Jill that jumped into action…

Vegan Protesters

The scene was very surreal.

Here was Joe Biden getting a fresh burst of energy into his campaign when several people rushed the stage.

Security was clearly not having their “A” game that day because Jill was the one that actually prevented one of the protesters from getting close to the trembling Joe Biden.

It was tough to see at the time, but the signs held up by the protesters said, “Let Dairy Die.”


While Jill stopped the initial wave, Joe Biden depended on yet another woman to keep him safe, as his campaign manager, Symone D. Sanders tackled one of the women and kept her in a waist lock until security could get the situation under control.

Security Concerns

After these attacks, there are already calls to have Secret Service assigned to Joe, but I say no way.

With a net worth of more than $9 million, there is absolutely no way the American people should be forced to foot the bill for his personal security.

When a candidate wins the nomination, they get Secret Service protection but not until then.

Nobody was crying for Donald Trump when he was being threatened on the campaign trail and they should not be crying for Joe Biden now.

He can dip into his bank account or his campaign funds until then.


  1. Imagine if screwball Joe and his wife were Republicans. They’ve been harassed and spit on, slapped, hats knocked off of their heads and who knows what else. Ten, fifteen years ago you neve heard of the democrats doing this. Not until Maxi-Pad starting to tell her stooges to go out and do that. One day, this will backfire.

  2. What the hell, hordes of protestors were at Trump’s rallies running as a possible candidate and than as a candidate chasing people trying to listen to Trump, stopping cars from getting to Trump, beating people in the back of their heads so as to do the most damage and I didn’t see any security or police or the mayors of the places Trump was at protecting Trump and people who wanted to see him AS IS OUR RIGHT TO HEAR A SPEECH. So why should Biden be protected from protestors by taxpayers. Ask the mayors in the towns where Biden is to have the mayor’s police protect him. The people who voted in the mayors can pay for protection for Biden. Fair is fair.

  3. Funny how president-elect Donald J. Trump was never provided with any security. In fact he paid for his OWN security, who have been with him for decades. Let these liberal left loons like sleepy-Joe pay for their own security.

  4. I agree..leave our cows alone! Our milk, butter, cream, steaks, hamburgers..ice cream. These “Democrats” want to rid our country of cows in the name of climc change.


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