Jill Biden SHOCK Presidential Election Announcement… Is She Kidding?

Jill Biden
Photo via Deposit Photos

It will not be Joe Biden selling his “Bidenomics” program to battleground states.

Since we all know Joe is no Energizer Bunny, he is tagging Jill to hit the campaign trail for him in the upcoming weeks.

Jill’s office has announced that she will be the one visiting battleground states over the next few weeks to sell Biden’s failed economic plan to voters.

Jill Can Do It

The only real difference between Jill and Joe speaking is that Jill does not fall asleep at the podium.

She is not particularly energetic and she has just as many bad jokes as Joe Biden.

Even so, Jill will be the person headed to Augusta, GA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Columbus, OH, to try to convince voters that Joe is the man for the job.

The strategy is baffling, to be honest.

The one issue that is polling worse for Biden than his approval rating is his economy.

The last polling I saw had Biden’s economic plan polling at about 35 percent.

Yet, this is the issue it would appear that Biden is going to hang his hat on heading into the election cycle.

Good luck with that, Jill.