Jill Biden and Fauci Attempt Circus Act, It Doesn’t Go Well for Them

Jill Biden and Fauci Attempt Circus Act, It Doesn't Go Well for Them

Dr. Anthony Fauci and “Doctor” Jill Biden attempted to do a publicity stunt in Harlem, New York on Sunday, June 6, and didn’t receive the warm welcome that they were expecting.

Losing Popularity

Fauci, who has been practically worshipped by the left and the mainstream media for the past year, has recently lost some of his popularity for two main reasons. First, he attempted to profit off of the pandemic by publishing a book about his leadership and “truth” during the pandemic. Second, his emails were published thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by left-wing “news” outlet Buzzfeed. The emails confirmed what many conservatives have been saying all along: Fauci has lied to the public on numerous occasions, and he may have some culpability in causing the pandemic in the first place.

For a more in-depth analysis of Fauci’s emails, and an analysis of the media’s coverage of the emails, watch this video from Glenn Beck:

Visiting Harlem

The crowd gathered to greet Jill Biden and Anthony Fauci didn’t seem very happy. “Fauci, you got your talking points from the CCP,” one person yelled.

The crowd also joined in chanting “Fire Fauci. Fire Fauci. Fire Fauci.”


If the people of ultra-left New York are calling out a Democrat, you know there’s a problem. Fauci is a fraud, and it’s about time the left realizes it. His constant flip-flopping throughout the pandemic is well-documented, yet the average Democrat has no idea because the mainstream media won’t call him out, or even ask him questions about his ever-changing opinions.

Conservatives have been calling Fauci out on Twitter, with Senator Rand Paul outright calling for him to be fired after his emails were released.

“In the newly released #FauciEmails, Dr. Fauci thanked EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak for his ‘kind note’ that praised him for downplaying the lab leak theory. EcoHealth Alliance was funded under the NIH to experiment with coronaviruses at the Wuhan lab,” Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted, ending his post with “#FireFauci”.

Rep. Lauren Boebert took it one step further, alleging in a tweet that Fauci lied for a purpose: “to help Democrats get Trump out of office.”

Regardless of his motivation, it is clear that Fauci lied. And now the American people are waking up to that fact. His not-so-warm welcome in New York proves that.



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