Jihadist Straps Two Bombs to His Daughters… What Happens Next is Sickening

Muslim Daughters
Photos via Daily Mail UK Video Screenshots

There is no question that Muslim jihadists are horribly evil individuals and they are a threat to freedom-loving individuals everywhere.

Two Muslim terrorist parents kissed and hugged their daughters goodbye. No, unfortunately, they weren’t sending their daughters to school nor were they sending them out to a social function; these parents had darker motives in mind.

We’ll just cut to the chase here: they were sending their daughters out to carry out a suicidal terrorist attack. Not long after this video was made, one of these girls walked into a Damascus, Syria police station and she was blown up by a remote detonator, which also injured three others.

If you view this footage, you also should be aware that it depicts a male terrorist, presumably the father, who is ranting and lecturing the 7-year-old girl and her nine-year-old sister about the best way to carry out a terrorist attack.

It was reported by the Syrian press that the two adults in the footage were husband and wife. Moreover, the man behind the camera asked the woman why she was sending her daughters to Jihad when they weren’t even adults yet.

The brainwashed, radical Muslim wife simply replied, “Nobody is considered young when it comes to Jihad. It is written that all Muslims must participate.”

She then prays that their violent god Allah will accept the sacrifice, and the girls simply repeat the words “Allah Akbar” and then they are sent out by their parents (read: terroristic murderers) to participate in this nefarious deed.

This explosion was carried out in a busy Midan neighborhood, and it injured three police officers. This event was posted on several social media outlets with headlines such as “seven-year-old girl enters police station, with a belt that is detonated from a long-distance away.”

Of course, rebel groups will regularly fire mortar and other artillery rounds into the Syrian capital, but explosions within the city limits are rare.

Local observatory leader Rami Abdel Rahman told the press that this blast killed “one woman”, but it wasn’t clear whether she was another terrorist or just an innocent bystander.

This event originally happened in December 2016, however, it illustrates something very important about these radical Muslim groups.

Simply put, these Muslim sects will stop at nothing to get their way.

The fact that this Muslim family would be more concerned about turning their children into suicide bombers rather than just meeting their basic needs as we do here in the Western world illustrates that incredibly well.


    • I agree with you 100%. Open borders that they all seem to like let’s these kinds of maniacs into the USA. They have no regard for life, especially to give up their own children. The majority of people in the west would give up their own lives to save their children, but not these vile mindless bstrds,


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