Entitled College Football Thug Makes Questionable Threat Against Cops


University Of Tennessee Football Player Harasses & Badgers Cops While Being Arrested

Banks, started ranting and raving as he was pulled over by University police after he was seen making an illegal U-Turn. When the officer returned to his squad car, to run Banks information, the officer found out Banks had an warrant for his arrest.

Banks immediately became belligerent with the officer, who called for backup. The 6’1 225 pound running back, would not cooperate with the arresting officers. Banks warrant was for ‘a failure to appear in court, stemming from an earlier incident of Banks getting caught driving with a suspended license’.

The Athlete is very popular on the UT campus for his prowess on the gridiron. Cops speculated, that Banks feels entitled, and about the law. Banks actually told the cops, that he’s sorry he didn’t run away from them. He said, ‘if this ever happens again, he will run’.

Jeremy was told to be quiet, but he wouldn’t stop yelling and taunting the officers. He said, “I should’ve run, Test Ya alls speed, Y’all would have never caught me. That’s what I should’ve done. Next time I will, I promise. Never again will Y’all boys take me to jail. Not UT police.”

Jeremy Said, “What Would You Do Without A Badge, That’s All I Want To Know”

Even after he was already sitting in the back of the squad car, he continued to hurl insults at the officers. The police told Banks that by continuing to insult them verbally and being combative he was making his situation worse.

Banks told the officers he has a right to talk and they weren’t going to shut them down. Jeremy noticed a woman in the front seat doing a civilian ‘ride-a-long’. The athlete then turned his hatred towards the woman riding in the car with him. He said, “Ma’am, I don’t think you want to be an intern. Because where I’m from, we shoot cops. I’m from Memphis, Tennessee”.


The police had enough of Banks and booked him into the lock up. But before that could even happen, Banks demanded he be allowed to make a phone call, while still in the car. The officer relented, and took a phone number from Banks.

Jeremy Banks Called Head UT Football Coach Jeremy Pruitt To Bail Him Out Of Jail

Jeremy called on his head football coach Jeremy Pruitt to post his bond and get him out of jail. He demanded that be allowed to call coach before he was even booked. The officer decided to talk to the coach first.

The officer said, “Coach this is Officer Yap, how you doing? What happened was I pulled him over for making an illegal U-Turn. We stopped him, I ran his license, it came back as a suspended license. He also had a warrant out of Knox County, for failure to appear. So I can do anything with that. He has to go to jail on that. Yes sir, if he didn’t have that, I was just going to write him a little citation and let him go”.

The coach begins to question the officer about the warrant and where it’s from. The officer again says ‘Knox County for failure to appear, it’s a 500 dollar bond.” The coach asks the officer if he can just let him go the officer says ‘no’. Banks tried to call a friend to drive his car from the scene, but the friend also had a suspended license.


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