The Treasonous Traitor ‘Hanoi Jane’ Is At It Again

Jane Fonda

Actress Jane Fonda & ‘Law & Order’ Star Sam Waterson Were Hauled Away In Handcuffs

This is the second Friday in a row, that the famed actress has been arrested for protesting about climate change.

Fonda and a group of other climate control activists have vowed to get arrested every Friday until ‘change comes’. Sam Waterson ,78,a star of the TV show ‘Law & Order’ and Fonda,81, were arrested on Friday as they argued with Washington D.C. Police officers that were trying to keep the peace.

It’s unclear at this point if Waterson and Fonda were formally booked and charged. The D.C, police did say that Fonda and Waterson were arrested and detained, along with a group of other people.

On October 11th Fonda and a group of 16 people were arrested and charged with unlawful assembly, and interfering with police activity. In that incident, Fonda was charged and will appear in a D.C. Court at a forthcoming court date.

Fonda said she has made a commitment to the cause of ‘climate change’. She said she’s not concerned with how many times she gets arrested. Being arrested is nothing new for the actress. Fonda was arrested dozens of times during the Vietnam war, when she protested continuously.

Jane Claims She is Inspired ‘By The Youth Of Today’ To Keep On Fighting

Fonda, the daughter of the late actor Henry Fonda, said ‘she plans on being at the Capital every week. Furthermore, she said “I’m inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement our youth have created”.

Fonda’s latest thorn in her side is the oil industry, she said

“she can’t stand by and not do anything”. Jane also said, “I can no longer stand by and let our elected officials, ignore and even worse, empower the industries that are destroying our planet for profit. We cannot continue to stand for this”

Sam Waterson the ‘Law & Order’ actor also arrested on Friday, this is his first time being arrested. The actor said he expected to be arrested, “it’s all in a days work”.

Fonda appearing on ‘CNN‘ with Christane Amanpour, the actress was asked, ‘What’s triggering her this time?’. Fonda explained “I can tell you exactly, it was labor day weekend. I was reading Namoi Cline’s new book called, ‘On Fire.’ It just really hit me how really urgent this whole thing is”.

Uber Liberal Jane Fonda Says She Doesn’t Like The Direction The Planet Is Heading In

Some are excusing Fonda of her ‘narcissistic need to be in the media again’. Fonda insisted to Amanpour, that this has nothing to do with publicity. Fonda,

“I felt I was doing enough, I drive an electric car, I recycle, I got rid of all plastics. But yet I still felt that I wasn’t doing enough”

The mother of two, said all things she was doing was a good starting place, but not necessarily “the best ending place”. Fonda said she decided on her own, without consulting with anyone, that she “wanted to use her celebrity stature to raise awareness about what is happening”.

Furthermore, Fonda said “people are not aware enough and not being proactive enough”. “What world will the babies of the world be inheriting?” she asked.


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