Ivanka Trump Makes HUGE Announcement!


As one of the most prominent figures in President Donald Trump’s administration, Ivanka Trump has recently been taking a step back from politics and transitioning her life into other interests.

One of these new projects is learning to fly a helicopter, which she showcased to her Instagram followers with a video of herself soaring over a body of water.

However, this isn’t the only activity that Ivanka has embraced since leaving her White House role.

In addition to flying lessons, she has also been spending precious time with her husband and children and choosing to prioritize them over any political ambitions.

Ivanka spoke out for the first time following the indictment of her father by a Manhattan grand jury.

She took to Instagram Stories with an emotional statement expressing pain for both her father and country alike.

After this momentous event, it seems as though Ivanka decided it was time for a change; no longer wishing to be involved in politics or any future presidential campaigns that he may have planned.

In fact, People reported that she had sought out a more private life and is now “doing what she loves most – being a mother.”

This decision follows closely on the heels of the passing away of Ivana Trump last year – something which deeply affected Ivanka and inspired her current dedication towards nurturing her own children.

On top of piloting lessons (which saw Ivanka donning quite fashionable attire), she was also seen soaking up summer solstice while carrying around a surfboard at one point – all activities that demonstrate how much freedom they are experiencing without having to worry about intense media scrutiny or obligation towards political causes.

Of course there will still be moments when they express support for President Donald Trump but overall they seem content just enjoying each other’s company without having too much responsibility on their shoulders – something many Americans can certainly relate to.