Internet Erupts as Newly Released Bigfoot Video ‘Unlikely to be a Hoax’


Perhaps I’m showing my age here, but one of the films that I truly enjoyed as a kid would have been “Harry and the Hendersons”. This was a movie starring Jon Lithgow and it was about a Seattle family who hit a Bigfoot-like creature, end up taking it home, and bond with the creature before Lithgow’s character decides to take it back to the wild and let it go. Well, now, just like that movie, Bigfoot hunters just might be in luck. There is new footage that has emerged online that is showing a bipedal, hairy creature that is definitely too large to be a human being that was spotted in the state of Idaho.

Indeed, there are several viewers who are even claiming that the quality of this latest Bigfoot video is better than the legendary Patterson-Gimlin film.”Whatever this is, it’s BIG. Big head, big butt, thick legs, large….a pretty large human to be a person inside of a costume.” While Seaburn will also admit that very little is known about this video, he also added, “You don’t see impersonators in costumes that realistic.”

Even though the quality of this video is very impressive, for some reason it is yet to be officially added to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization Website (BFRO).

One of the main reasons why the BFRO is not taking this recent sighting seriously is simply due to the fact that they currently are listing the most recent sighting as taking place on August 27th in Kitsap County, Washington.

However, based on the BFRO data, there have been a total of 99 sightings of Sasquatch that were official, and that would make this state 22nd on the list of the regions that Bigfoot reports.

Yet another report was published by the Idaho State Journal in 2020, and it reveals that the state is fourth overall when it comes to the precise amount of Bigfoot per 100,000 individuals.

Of course, the elephant in the room would be this: does this recent Bigfoot sighting mean that we can officially add Idaho to the list of states such as Oregon, Michigan, northern California, North Carolina, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and the Florida panhandle? What do we make of this ever-elusive Bigfoot? Will we ever know if they really exist? So many questions, and so few answers…