Instagram Model Found Dead on $190 Million Dollar Yacht


An Instagram model has now been found dead on a $190 million dollar yacht, leading to other questions and causing people to jump to conclusions.

This Australian Instagram supermodel was found hanged to death near the back of a billionaire’s superyacht, and she had just finished calling her family in tears only a few hours before she died.

Sinead McNamara was just 20 when she rang her mother Kylie to tell her about an incident with a crew member on this billionaire’s yacht, called the Mayan Queen IV. The ship had been docked in Argostoli within the Greek Island of Kefalonia.

She would speak to her brother Jake before that last anguished phone call, and then her body would be found in the early morning hours of last Friday, according to family lawyer Charalampos Triantafyllopoulos.


Sinead McNamara (pictured) had a very rough outing on this superyacht before she decided to hang herself off the back of the billionaire’s boat.

SInead McNamara
Sinead McNamara

This Australian Instagram model was just 20 years old when she passed away, and she was well-known for some of her beach photoshoots. She leaves behind a grieving family that realizes she was taken way too soon.

Sinead and Her Brother
Sinead and Her Brother

Sinead also spoke to her brother Jake (pictured on the right in the above photograph) during the last anguished phone call she had on this earth last Friday and shortly before her body had been discovered.


Of course, there is nothing we can do in order to bring this lovely Instagram model back, but one can only hope that the authorities do everything in their power to determine what brought on the cause of death. Yes, it was most likely a suicide, but questions linger. What caused her to want to take her own life? Why was she calling her family in tears just before she decided to do this? One thing is for certain: her family deserves closure.