Instagram Model Boosts Her Career With These Steamy Photo’s


There’s nothing controversial about Instagram “bombshell” model Hannah Palmer. It’s obvious that she’s all about transparency. Her followers don’t seem to mind her steamy images, allowing her to collect around 1.8 million fans.

Hot Model hits the beach

Her video production company appreciates that she gave them a shout out on the first slide because nobody was looking at anything but Hannah Palmer after that. She was feeling hot so decided to hit the beach.

For that particular shoot, she “posed on a sandy beach that was completely empty and seemed like an oasis.” It’s not the first beach scene for this model though. This time, “the sand beneath her was illuminated by the sun, and lush greenery was visible in the background, although her surroundings were blurred so that the focus remained on Hannah.”


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It doesn’t hurt for a top model to have a public relations manager either. Someone to put press clips out saying things like “Hannah showcased her fit physique in a pair of black bikini bottoms that had an incredibly simple silhouette.”

Her randy fans are salivating over the way “she had her body angled to the side so that not all of the bottoms were clearly visible. A thick strap stretched over her hips, accentuating her pert posterior and hourglass shape.



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The PR guy got a little excited. “Her calves were tucked underneath her thighs, legs slightly spread, as she soaked in the sunshine on the sandy beach.”

The model also “paired the bottoms with what appeared to be a matching black bikini top, thin straps extending around her neck.” To finish off the look, she wore “a pale blue cardigan that had a slightly over-sized fit, with the fabric draping over her upper arms and chest.”

Aiming to please

She may have had a sweater on but this model knows not to disappoint her fans, leaving “a few buttons on top undone, giving her followers a peek at her cleavage.”


It didn’t hurt that “the piece had a small logo over her breast on one side, drawing even more attention to her chest.” Teasingly, “the cardigan was a cropped piece, with the hem extending just a few inches below Hannah’s breasts and leaving plenty of her toned stomach on display.”


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Fans couldn’t wait to share the love with their favorite instagram model. “Bronzed beauty,” one fan tapped out, “followed by flame emoji.” Another remarked, “Sun-kissed goddess! It’s crazy how much your beautiful eyes stand out in a full body shot.”


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