INSANE! Rider Goes Full Speed off Cliff…GoPro Catches the Entire Thing


In a dramatic video, a 27-year-old motorcyclist plummeted 250 feet off a California cliff and miraculously survived. The GoPro camera attached to his bike captured the terrifying crash and fall.

GoPro Records the Accident

Matthew Murray was riding his motorcycle, speeding at nearly 70 miles per hour through the Santa Monica mountains near Calabasas.  When his bike’s steering suddenly seized up, Murray quickly lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road.

He hit a gravel turnout, but barely slowed. Murray speed was still over 30 miles per hour when he  flew over the side of the cliff.

Still on his motorcycle, Murray shot off the side of the mountain and into the ravine. The GoPro video shows the entire 250-foot from Murray’s point of view.

In the moment, Murray only had time for one thought. “It processed immediately in my head that, you’re going to die,” he said.

Murray and his motorcycle were airborne for a moment before crashing back down to earth. He tumbled down violently in a dizzying fall. He ended up at the bottom of the ravine.

A Miraculous Survival

A he lay there after the crash, Murray looked up at the bushes and branches that had cushioned his fall and saved his life. 

In the GoPro video, there is nearly a minute and half of silence before Murray stirs and makes a noise. In the remote ravine, there was little chance that he would be found or heard, but Murray yelled for help anyway.

His situation was precarious. He was injured, but did not know how badly. His motorcycle was farther down the mountain. He said he was unable to walk downhill to reach it or his phone to call 911. 

He could only go up.But halfway into his climb,  Murray went into shock. 

Somehow, he struggled to the top and made it to the road, Murray flagged down a passing driver and asked him to call 911.

A GoPro Video as a Reminder

Murray said an officer  from the California Highway Patrol later gave him the video the GoPro shot on the scene.

There’s your bike and that’s where you landed, 250 feet down there. The last guy I saw come out of here was in a basket and got a helicopter ride,” the officer told him.

Murray survived, but broke several bones in the crash. His recovery took several months.

Not surprisingly, Murray says he quit riding motorcycles for good.


  1. Down shift and turn the key off and lay the bike down you might wreck the trans and get some scrapes but maybe not go over the cliff. When you are riding a bike you have to think and act fast and clearly.

  2. And his steering froze causing him to go airborne? Honest, Murray, I believe you. I also believe the world is flat, democrats are honest, and eating all you want will help you lose weight.

    • Been there done that only over just a little hill. I think most every cycle rider has missed a turn sometime in their riding. Nokes is maybe one of those who don’t like bikes or just plain stupid.


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