Insane Reason Behind Aldi’s Prices..


When I go on a long camping trip, the first thing I try to do is find the nearest Aldi grocery store.

I’ve actually been a customer of Aldi for well over twenty years now. When I got out of the military, I pretty much ate exclusively food that I bought at an Aldi that was about a ten minute bike ride from my apartment at the time.

The sight of me riding my bike while balancing the grocery bags on the handle bars must have been something to look at.

Anyway, these days when I am out camping in the RV for the majority of the year I will plan my trips based on how close a proposed campsite is from the nearest Aldi.

The reason being is simple, they are an inexpensive place to get your groceries; especially if you are on limited refrigerator space and limited funds.

I try to spend as little on food when I am out at the campsite, so that way I can fund the rest of my trips throughout the country.

I mean, really, ketchup is the same no matter what bottle it is in…but I digress.

The way that Aldi ends up keeping things down so low is by limiting overhead as much as humanly possible.

Take for instance your average grocery store, there might be dozens of employees inside the store at any given time.

Aldi ends up keeping costs down by limiting the number of employees they have on the floor at any given time.

Speaking of the stores, they end up opting for slightly smaller locations because smaller store means less money on utilities and the like.

Another way that they save on overhead and passing the savings onto us is in one of the big driving forces of any grocery store: the meat department.

Now, the meat that you are getting from your local grocery store might have been trucked in from all the way across the country.

Aldi keeps things simple and buys their meat on a more regional basis. The fewer miles that your steak has to travel, the less it is gonna cost to get into your shopping cart.