Impeachment Witness Testimony Obliterates Schiff’s Impeachment Narrative

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Photo Courtesy of Louise Palanker via Creative Commons License

For weeks, Democrats held impeachment hearings behind closed doors.

Over the last two weeks, we heard from some of those individuals, but we surely did not hear from all of them and there is good reason for that.

Based on transcripts that were recently released, several individuals damaged the Democrat narrative, with Mark Sandy being among those testimonies.

Stunning Revelation

Mark Sandy works in the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

When he testified before the House, he told the members of the panel that the reason Trump withheld the aid for Ukraine was specifically “about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.”

This is something that was mentioned during the impeachment hearings but it was also something the Democrats seemed entirely too quick to dismiss.

Trump Hates Foreign Aid

The one thing we heard repeated over and over again during the public hearings was that Trump does not like foreign aid.

When it came to Ukraine, Trump had several concerns that he wanted to address prior to releasing the aid.

The first was that he wanted to make sure he was not just handing over a check to a corrupt government.

Second, he wanted to use the aid we were giving to Ukraine and its purpose to create leverage with other governments to pay their fair share.

Remember when Trump was campaigning and the early days of his presidency when he threatened to remove the United States from the UN?

For years, the United States has ponied up a significant portion of the UN budget, and Trump wants everyone to pay more rather than the US having to foot the bill all the time.

Trump has a similar stance when it comes to the trillions of dollars our government sends out every year to foreign governments. 

Democrats, however, are using the timing of the release to say Trump did something wrong here.

Since the release of the funding came after the report from the whistleblower got out, they are trying to say Trump had other intentions.

The paper trail leading up to that release, however, tells the real story, and that is one of a cautious president, not a corrupt one.  


  1. It doesn’t matter! We all KNOW President Trump STOLE the election from the duly elected psychopat … from Hillary Clinton … STOLE the election from Hillary Clinton and I will stand by this till my dying day because I don’t want to commit Arkancide. What I seriously pray for is Rep Adam Schitt is brought before a military tribunal, tried, convicted and punished to the maximum of the law for his role in the ongoing coup d’etat against President Trump. The Communist-Democrat Party is not going to stop. They are only to continue their coup even if it means going form a cold coup to a hot coup. The mistake Tzar Nicholas made with Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov is he banished him from Russia instead of hanging the SOB. There WAS a time in America, I remember, when we actually HUNG traitors. I was a young boy when the Rosenthals were hung for their treason. Those statutes are still on the books and need to be used whenever and where ever necessary.

  2. I am convinced the primary reason President held up the U.S. Aid funds to Ukraine was to give the U.S. time to determine if any U.S. Aid funds was included in the 30 million dollars the previous corrupt Ukraine President stole and fled the country to Russia. I applaud the President for caring about our taxpayer aid funds to other nation, particularly those who hate the U.S.A.–like the corrupt U.N. does. The U.N. needs to be unfunded and go the way of the President Wilson’s failed League of Nations…

  3. The democrats firmly believe: If you repeat a lie often enough, others will begin to believe it is truth!” Unfornately for them, the American People are getting tired of hearing this particular lie, and the demos will suffer at the polls because of Schift, Pelosi, Schummer, Waters, etc. And, if they manage to keep Trump’s name off the ballot, there will be enough write-in votes to elect him, anyway!! The demos need to read the Constitution, where they would learn that there are three EQUAL branches of Government, and the Congress is not the judge, jury, and executioner!! Altho Pelosi seems to think if she can get Trump, then Pence out, she would become the first female president!! Even then, Schift would rule her, because she is too scatter-brained to oppose him. and there’s not enough time for that, anyway, before the next election!!


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