Illegal Immigrant Charged in Death of Marine Veteran

Illegal Immigrant

It is always sad to hear of man or woman that put their life on the line and survived his or her tour of duty to die of any other reason than natural causes.

Thanks to Democrats, however, that is the exact fate of a Marine veteran who fought in Vietnam.

Another Hit and Run

Far too many Americans die at the hand of illegals in this country who are behind the wheel.

It seems as though every week, if not several times a week, a DUI or a hit-and-run accident is reported involving an illegal that killed someone in this manner.

Samuel W. Jackson fought bravely for his country and was extremely proud of the fact that he served his country as a Marine.

That, however, meant nothing to Nemias Perez Severiano, who allegedly ran Jackson down as he was attempting to get into his car.

Severiano never stopped, leaving Jackson lying in a Norristown, PA street like a dog, a death the brave veteran surely did not deserve.  

According to reports, Jackson was drug an estimated 50 feet after he was hit, so the illegal surely knew he had hit the man, yet he continued to drive away without a care.

Severiano told police, after he was arrested, that he had been drinking and may have still been a little drunk when he hit Jackson.

Outpouring of Support

Marines are a special bunch in this country and they come out of the woodwork to help a fellow brother in need.

Jackson apparently no longer had his dress uniform but his partner of two decades, Debbie Campbell, wanted him buried in a dress uniform because of Jackson’s love of the Marines.

When word of the request went out, Marines all over the country offered up their dress blues so Jackson could be buried like a Marine.

Doug Franks was one of those that responded, and he donated every item of his dress blues and a jar of sand from Iwo Jima to be buried with Jackson.

Jackson is survived by five children and seven grandchildren.

Rest in peace, Marine, you deserved far better.


  1. Sad.. there is no other word for it! Obama opened the border, gave these people everything and also brought in the Muslims that have their own type of hell raising. He tried to destroy America and he has accomplished it one death at a time! This is on him!! God bless the family of the Marine run down on the street!

  2. So sick of Congress refusing to do their jobs. Our federal government is mandated by our Constitution to protect the states from invasion yet everyday people enter our country without permission. And what does the government do with these people when they’re caught committing this crime? They hold them until they can ‘deal’ with them which usually means they are eventually released into our streets and are free to roam rather than being deported as they should be. We the People need to demand our Congress do the job for which we elected them and not the jobs they prefer!

  3. Until American patriots realize that the reason Americans were given the 2 Nd amendment was to be used just for the types of situations that are going on with our government and country right now nothing will change. As a matter of fact it will get worst. How bad does it have to get before we act???


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