Hunter Biden Petitions Court for Privacy

Hunter Biden
Photo via CBC News YouTube Video Screenshot

Hunter Biden’s life is an open book right now, and the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden is demanding secrecy.

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden petitioned the court in his paternity suit to keep his financial records private.

Demanding Secrecy

Whether Hunter Biden wants to admit it or not, he is a big part of this presidential campaign.

Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine, as well as his equity fund that drew heavy investment from the Chinese, are both worthy of scrutiny.

The reason for this is because Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, was the point man for the Obama administration for both of these countries.

Many of us believe that Hunter’s position at Burisma was nothing short of a payoff to ensure the United States would not investigate the company for corruption.

The fact that Joe Biden demanded the firing of a prosecutor, as corrupt as he may have been, that was investigating Burisma is not a good look for either of the Bidens.

Knowing everyone wants to get their hands on Hunter’s financials to see just how much he was paid by Burisma, Hunter is now asking the court to protect that information.

The filing with the court stated, “The likelihood that [Biden’s] private records will be used in an inappropriate or malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with these proceedings is exceedingly high and should not be tolerated by the court.”

The Paternity Suit

Lunden Alexis Roberts had filed a paternity suit in May, but Hunter Biden denied he knew the woman, let alone having had sexual intercourse with her.

Privately, Roberts claimed Hunter acknowledged the child was his, but he continued to deny it publicly.

When Roberts asked for a DNA test, Biden tried to get the case tossed, but the judge did not buckle and when the test was taken, Hunter was found to be the father.

So, Hunter is a deadbeat dad, something the former vice president is going to have to address.

To make matters worse, from the records that are public, it appears that Hunter Biden is broke, even though he was raking in at least $50,000/month until recently from Burisma.

His court filings stated that he had incurred “significant debts” from his 2017 divorce and that he is currently unemployed, among other things. 

Those other things may just be his penchant for running up massive tabs at D.C. strip clubs 

Maybe that is why Joe is running for president… so his son can finally get another job!


  1. The Dems could care less about Ukrainian corruption. They prefer their own corruption bay far.

    “Midget Fat Boy Nadler” is trying to manipulate his committee rules just like his House Counterpart, Lyin’ Schiff, the slime ball did.

    Harris the ho’ needs to go back to her political “roots”, no pun intended.


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