How IBM Became Death’s Calculator

Death's Calculator
Death's Calculator

IBM has become death’s calculator in recent months, and you will be very interested to know how they arrived at this conclusion…

Simply put, IBM is now telling employees that they must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by December 8th or they will be facing an unpaid suspension.

The company told workers that it would have to comply with President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate if they were a government contractor.

“As a federal contractor, it is a business imperative for IBM to comply with this mandate,” the company said in a memo sent to employees this week. “In light of this requirement, the policies of many of our clients and partners, and the easy access to vaccines around the country, we will now require all IBM U.S. employees to be fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021, in order to work at IBM.”

Employees are going to be removed from the payroll if they do not get their vaccines, but I guess there is good news if you work for this micromanaging company. They will still be eligible for IBM’s 401K matching program, as noted by Amanda Carl. Yet another IBM spokesperson told CNBC that the company was going to consider religious and medical exemptions for certain employees who cannot get the vaccine.


Against Federal Mandates is an action committee for U.S. IBM employees who continue to be non-compliant, and they announced that those who fail to upload vaccine information or do not receive an approved accomodation are going to be placed on an unpaid leave of absence by “mid-January 2022.” They instituted this ultimatum contrary to the assurances of IBM CEO Arvind Krishna’s reassurance on May 5th that IBM was never going to “mandate vaccinations.”

Opposition to the Ultimatum

In response to this ultimatum, hundreds of IBM employees formed an action committee called Against Federal Mandates. They continue to protest even though this vaccination deadline is fast approaching.

IBM actually has a long history of violating the rights of others. Founded in 1898 as a census tabulation company, there are some that even say that IBM was responsible for keeping a tracking number for Gypsies and other individuals who were in the death camps of Nazi Germany! Does history repeat itself and IBM yet again become death’s calculator? In the case of the IBM employees, let’s hope not!