How Greed and Legislation is Ruining a Major Cash Cow


California had a really good thing going. So, of course, they had to mess it up. Greed and overburdening legislation are killing the cannabis cash cow. Citizens are demanding to know what their legislators have been smoking.

Reefer madness legislation

California was one of the pioneering states with legislation which got the cannabis decriminalization ball rolling.

Thanks to greedy, nanny-state politicians, the California’s legal marijuana industry is collapsing under regulation. It’s nothing but reefer madness.

Toni Atkins is temporarily president of their State Senate. She teamed up with State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, and a group of cannabis industry leaders to write a nastygram to alleged Governor Gavin Newsom.

They “have been pushed to a breaking point” by “the regulatory system put in place” when voters approved Proposition 64. It “decriminalized marijuana use and cultivation for adults over the age of 21.” At the same time, the restrictive legislation crippled the established legal cannabis growers.

As expressed in the letter, “Prop 64 was not passed simply to raise tax revenue, but to end the illicit market, protect public health and safety, and create an accountable legal industry.”

Something went kerflooey when the legislation was drafted. “Yet today, four years after the start of legal sales, our industry is collapsing, and our global leadership and legacy is at the brink of disappearing forever.”

A point of intolerable tension

The legislators need to be willing to craft fair legislation, they argue. “It is critical to recognize that an unwillingness to effectively legislate, implement, and oversee a functional, regulated cannabis industry has brought us to our knees.”

“Despite decades of persecution by the government, we have been willing and adaptable partners in the struggle to regulate cannabis.” C’mon man, let Gramps toke in peace to his heart’s content, at least he’s not out doing smash and grabs at local retailers.

“We have collectively reached a point of intolerable tension, and we will no longer support a system that perpetuates a failed and regressive War on Drugs.” The reefer madness style prohibition legislation strategy is a proven failure. Now, the mandatory system is “rigged for all to fail.” It’s all because of greed.

“The state’s taxation regime is hindering the legal market by driving up costs, and facilitating the growth of the ‘unsafe’ illegal marijuana market.” Why go to the dispensary when the cartel has the same thing for a whole lot cheaper. With more environmental friendly packaging too. Those little plastic bottles will soon be taking up huge amounts of landfill space, compared to the good ole fashioned sandwich baggie.

Another problem is that while civilized parts of the state embrace the cannabis culture, there are a lot of anti-pot communities. “About one-third of the state has access to legal dispensaries, while the rest of the state has imposed local bans that effectively recriminalize pot.”

They would rather use legislation to put Grandpa in the pokey and throw away the key for smoking happy weed than dare arrest someone who walks out the door with hundreds of dollars in merchandise, saying put it on my Black Lives Matter account card.