House Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against President Donald J. Trump

Photo via CNN YouTube Video Screenshot

This morning, we awoke to a rather amusing press conference held by Democrat House leadership.

Six clowns took the stage, stifling back smiles and joy, clearly trying to act as somber as possible while telling America they are introducing two articles of impeachment against the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Impeaching Trump

The two articles of impeachment are for abuse of power and obstructing Congress.

While addressing the media, Rep. Jerry Nadler stated, “No one, not even the president, is above the law.”

After Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff all said their piece, they walked off the dais without taking a single question.

This was no doubt done because they were having a problem holding back their exuberance and needed to get off the stage so nobody would see them smile and smack each other on the back for a job well done. 

Trump Responds

President Trump sent out a response within minutes of the announcement…

Several Republicans have already responded to the announcement, all vowing to fight this with everything they have.

Trump will have plenty of allies in this fight, make no mistake about that.

More Alarming…

While the impeachment was expected, Democrats hinted at something else that lets us know this will not be over even if Trump beats the impeachment in the Senate.

One very alarming part of the brief speech was about the corruption of the 2020 election.

This tells me Democrats are so fearful of losing the election that they are already putting their battle plan in place to fight the 2020 election results should they lose.

Based on recent polls of battleground states, they are not only going to lose, they are going to get destroyed.

There was a time when Trump trailed in all of these states, but the more the Democrats have pushed this impeachment, the more support they have lost.

This election will be won and lost with Independents and that little circus you just saw may have been the final straw for many of them.

In the meantime, our President needs us more than ever before.

We have almost broken Joe Biden, but we also need to apply pressure to every Democrat running for election in 2020.

As I have suggested before, attend every Town Hall you can, protest the rallies, and when you get the chance, call them out publicly to make them respond.

The more of this corruption that we expose, the more likely we are to take back the House, keep the Senate, and, of course, re-elect Donald J. Trump to his second term.

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