House Dems Beg Supreme Court for Chance to Impeach Trump


Democrats are begging the Supreme Court for another chance to impeach President Trump. Can we?, huh, Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? The House has been overrun by Democrats for far too long. Like children forced to socially distance themselves from school, liberal progressives are running around causing mischief every time the Republicans turn around.

Dems plan to impeach until they get it right

On Monday, House Democrats practically begged the Supreme Court for a look at the unredacted Robert Mueller grand jury transcripts. They filed the paperwork with the court intending to impeach Trump again. They would love to get it done before the election. There are a lot of Obamagate conspirators nervously sweating charges where they will be lucky if they only get prison.

Conservative Americans watched the first kangaroo court in horror as their tax dollars went down in flame while lawmakers wasted months of time. In the end, they couldn’t even press a single charge but they expected the Senate to ignore the constitution and impeach Donald Trump anyway. Now they want to do it again.

Bored with all their time stuck at home they have been obsessed with two things, making a wish list of things to add into stimulus bills as if the Treasury Department is Santa Claus, and scheming a way to remove President Trump before they lose in November.

They can’t stop beating dead Russians

Democrats just can’t stop beating the same dead Russians. The lawyer for the House of Representatives, Douglas Letter, filed a brief with the Supreme Court that actually has the nerve to state, “the Committee’s impeachment investigation related to obstruction of justice pertaining to the Russia investigation is ongoing.”

A treasure trove of secretly hidden documents which have been concealed by Adam Schiff and the Department of Injustice separately in different scandals recently came to light. They prove that the only one colluding with Russians was Hillary Clinton.


Democrats refuse to see the light. They pretend the transcripts and FBI notes proving entrapment don’t exist so they can focus on Mueller’s grand jury. A grand jury which only heard evidence which we now know was totally based on lies.

“If this material reveals new evidence supporting the conclusion that President Trump committed impeachable offenses, the Committee will proceed accordingly.” And if it doesn’t then they will make it work so they can recommend new articles of impeachment.”

It’s clear that a sense of panic is setting in and Democrats are desperate to get Trump pried out of office before people start dangling like air fresheners. Any “substantial delay,” the lawyer writes “will seriously endanger the Committee’s ability to complete its impeachment investigation during the current Congress.” It’s painfully clear that they see the writing on the wall that they’re about to lose control of the House.


  1. Those idiots HAD their chance already and blew it. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights prevent the prosecution of a person a second time for the same supposed crimes with a VERY FEW loopholes. They were POed when their darling, HitLIARy, lost, even with all their ballot box shenanigans and they’ve vowed to keep up trying to get her in since they cannot abide the notion that the country has finally woke up and saw their illicit deals and other hornswoggles for what they actually were, an attempt to take over and ruin the nation

    • The only “Russians “ that interfered in the 16 election was Comrade Obama , the DNC , the Clinton Foundation, the fbi the in-justice dept and cia ……. no Russian voted , changed totals of votes . Anyone who tells you different is full of shit. Clinton lost . Get over it

  2. The demoncrats are riding on a wing and a prayer, and they know it. And they know their days are numbered. They don’t want to be looking over their shoulder 7/24 for another four years! Unfortunately, some won’t live to be tried. They’ll either die from being suicided, or from just worrying themselves into an early grave. Either way, good riddance.

  3. Well we know – from numerous comments they have made – that their intent is to continue to try to find ‘something’ to use against DJT. I will give them this much credit – at least they didn’t DEMAND (like they usually do) that SCOTUS give them what they want.

  4. Old time democrats could not believe the things this new democrat party (acting as the chinese communist party) is doing. They would not believe that these things could happen.. If this bunch get control, the USA is done for.


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