House Democrats Release Ex-Ukraine Ambassador Testimony

Dems go on the attack again.

Adam Schiff

Prepare yourself, patriots, because we are about to be flooded with information from Democrats over the upcoming weeks.

Early Monday morning, Democrats released the first of what we expect to be many documents.

The testimony of former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is now available for everyone to see (click here for the downloadable file).

Promoting Corruption

While I have not read through the entire testimony yet, the parts that I have seen paint a less than flattering picture, especially of Rudy Giuliani.

Yovanovitch gives the impression this administration was actually promoting Ukraine being corrupt rather than trying to help clean up this country.

At one point, she stated she learned both Rudy Giuliani and former Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lustsenko planned to “do things, including to me.”

That is a pretty ominous statement, as if they were working out a way to take her out, or something to that effect.

Yovanovitch also went on to say it appeared as though Giuliani was involved in a disinformation campaign against her.

She claims she asked Pompeo to support her openly and he refused, leaving her to assume this would have gone against Trump’s wishes.

The former ambassador also stated she was told to leave per post because “they were worried that if I wasn’t, you know, physically out of Ukraine, that there would be, you know, some sort of public, either tweet or something else from the White House.”

She added, “As far as I could tell, since I didn’t have any other explanation, that private interests and people who don’t like a particular American ambassador could combine to, you know, find somebody who was more suitable for their interests.”

While not having read her testimony in full, from what I have read, there seems to be a fair bit of conjecture on the part of Yovanovitch, something Democrats are going to love.

They tend to take “I thought” moments as fact, which, as I have stated many times, is a dangerous way to go about enforcing the law.

Turning the Public Against Trump

The motive for Democrats is very clear here.

They plan on putting as much information as possible out the public to sway public opinion against Trump and in favor of their impeachment.

The problem, though, is they are going to put the information out there in a slow drip rather than gathering all the facts and information and putting it out there in one full report.

It is unprofessional, irresponsible, and clearly yet another attempt to correct the 2016 presidential election outcome as well as trying to ensure Trump does not win again in 2020.

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