House Democrats Just Issued Subpoenas


House Democrats subpoenaed multiple aides to Secretary Mike Pompeo as they continue with an investigation into the firing of former State Department Inspector General Steve Linick.

Subpoenas for Pompeo’s Top Aides

Four of Pompeo’s top aides are now intertwined into a dramatic showdown with top Democrats from three congressional committees.

They want to grill Pompeo’s close ally, Brian Bulatao, who is the undersecretary of State for management. The other aides with subpoenas include senior adviser Toni Porter, deputy assistant secretary of State for political-military affairs Michael Miller, and acting State Department legal adviser Marik String.

House Democrats Eliot Engel, Carolyn Maloney and Bob Menendez talked about the incident in a joint statement.

“The Administration continues to cover up the real reasons for Mr. Linick’s firing by stonewalling the Committees’ investigation and refusing to engage in good faith,” the statement began.

“That stonewalling has made today’s subpoenas necessary, and the Committees will continue to pursue this investigation to uncover the truth that the American people deserve,” the lawmakers continued.

Retaliation for Being Fired?

Earlier in the year, Linick was fired during the time he was poking around into Pompeo and his wife allegedly using government resources for various personal uses, the Hill reports.

President Trump ultimately fired Linick, but Pompeo insists it had nothing to do with retaliation against the investigation. Democrats have stood on their belief that this isn’t true and are determined to look into every detail of Linick’s removal, hence the subpoenas.

The subpoena recipient receiving the most attention is Bulatao, who has known Pompeo since their time at West Point. He was supposed to testify in early July, but it got bumped so the State Department could look over reports.

Linick has said that Bulatao tried to “bully” him about the investigations.

“We had a number of disagreements about the way in which a leak investigation was going to be handled,” Linick testified in June.

“He wanted to sort of take control over a leak investigation that was being conducted by the [Department of Defense inspector general]. So that’s one example of that. The other has to do with the work we were doing on the arms control, in trying to have us not work on that matter, stating that it was a policy matter and it was not within our jurisdiction to look at it. So that was sort of the nature of that attempt to bully.”

Democrats Keep Coming After Trump and his Team

The subpoenas show that Democrats will continue to come after Trump’s team and the rest of the administration. It’s one thing to try and get justice, but it’s another to engage in witch hunts for political reasons.

Is Pompeo guilty of what he is being accused, or is this just another left-wing attempt to take down Republicans? We may never truly know.


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  2. Idiot Engel, Carolyn Baloney and Bob Manlessdez have done more to divide and destroy our country than the North Koreans. Why arent every one of those animals in jail for treason?

    • Ever notice how when a conservative gets fired not an eyebrow is raised, BUT if an Obozo hold over gets fired…the democrats have to have a hearing with subpoenas….and waste taxpayer’s money ….the ONLY thing they are good at besides laundering of that money.

    • True. The Dimmocraps are experts in covering up their incompetents, and Traitors to the opposite side. Hence, the Impeachment hearings, and articles of Impeachment, not to mention the Russian interference Witch Hunt. They’ve wasted almost a Billion dollars of money Piglosi stole from Social Security, to fund these Bullcrap attempts to effect a coup of the President. We are so damn tired of these psychotic attacks from people who should’ve been replaced by some buttons, that don’t work, either. Upchuck Schumer, Nancy Piglosi, Adumb Schitt, Jerry Nadless, just to name a few. We don’t matter to these people, whom they supposedly serve, as they are way too busy adding to their power base. They want desperately to end the 2nd Amendment, because it’s holding them up, on enacting draconian measures of control over us, that they know we would shoot them for. We will NEVER be Subjects of any government, be it in our country, or a Global attempt to usurp the freedoms we enjoy that they all seem to despise.

      • Why does everything I write, end up having to be what you call “Awaiting Moderation” by obviously left leaning, flagrantly biased, oppressors of free speech? Why do you only suppress Conservatives, while at the same time, you let the liberal hate mongers, and race baiters, say anything they want, to include supposition, out of context, and obvious false or twisted statements, without any consequence? Anything about our duly elected President, to include his immediate family, and any of his supporters, is free for bashing to include filthy, disgustingly hate filled accusations, outright threats, and it seems that nothing is off the table, as long as it denigrates those who have a different perspective than you do, and the truth has no bearing, as long as it agrees with your beliefs. Well, Google has to try to justify their suppression tactics, and defense of their monopolization of the platform they operate on, to congressional committees, this week, and I’m pretty sure that Twatter, and Faceplate, won’t be far behind. What you call your community standards, are unbalanced, whimsical, and obviously biased against conservatives. they also seem to be mood dependent, equivocal, and without recourse. What is going on now, is being investigated for Voter Suppression, and Election Interference/Manipulation, which will result in new legislation preventing a company from utilizing their monopolistic platforms to influence an election, in any way!

  3. This is another Democrat sham. They are not interested in meaningful lawmaking. They only disparage our president and dodge their duties.

  4. Well, we know how the Democrats went about the whole Russian collusion hoax.They are doing this to distract from the hearings and testimony that may ultimately a lot of those corrupt Democrats in jail.


  5. Now when anyone is fired without cause then there needs to be investigations into those firings and when the investigator gets fired while looking into the actions of the department head then a real investigation needs to be open and above board, and the politics taken out of it.

  6. These house demoncrats have not learned a thing. We are totally tired of their mornonic attempts to destroy our nation. You need to be put away for subversion.

  7. Just wait until November, when the House is under Republican control and will have control of the Senate. These hacks on the left will flip their lids.

  8. Contrary to the propaganda in this piece, Inspectors General are charged with investigating internal conflicts and lawbreaking or unlawful deviation from procedures. It’s plain to everyone but the perps in the Trump/Pompeo gang that the IG was getting too close to the heart of corruption so was fired.
    It’s not the first time that’s happened in the Trump era. It looks, waddles and quacks like a duck–soooo…More lawbreaking by this goon squad. November can’t come too soon to dump this bunch of swamp rats starting in January when honest Joe Biden will take over the reins of government. More voters are discovering this every day, the corruption from a pseudo-mafia clan seeking fame, fortune and always feathering their nests at the expense of the American people. Next to segregationist President Buchanan who evoked the Civil War, Trump should sink to #45 in the presidential pantheon on his ‘retirement’ January 20th. I can’t wait to be rid of the ‘apprentice’ style drama and acting that’s nonstop outlaw behavior with Trump cohort. Hurry November 3rd.


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