House Democrat Delivers the Bad News to Joe Biden

Joe Biden
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Joe Biden says he is not going to testify before Congress if called, but one his fellow Democrats in the House believes differently.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) believes if Joe Biden is called, “he could be compelled” to testify.

Joe’s Excuses

For almost a week now, Joe Biden has been trying to justify why he won’t testify if he is called in the Senate impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump.

None of his excuses or justifications make sense, though, as Biden is more or less saying that he did not do anything wrong and we need to believe him.

After reiterating his refusal to testify on Friday, he issued several tweets on Saturday to explain why he does not want to testify.

At the heart of his explanation is that this impeachment is not about his conduct but that of Donald Trump.

I would beg to differ, though, because if Biden had not abused his power to help his son financially, there never would have been a need for Trump to call for an investigation.

Honestly, at this point, Biden is protesting so much you can’t help but think he did something wrong!

See You on the Stand, Joe

Doggett, while a Democrat, does not take the stance that most Democrats are taking these days regarding Biden and his testifying during an impeachment trial.

He stated, “I think that Joe Biden or anyone else would be subject to subpoena power and could be compelled to come to this proceeding.

“But there’s nothing that Joe Biden or any of the other witnesses Republicans have talked about have to say about what the president is being impeached for.

“The only purpose of bringing them is for distraction urged by the master of distraction, Donald Trump.”

On his last comment, he could not be more wrong.

This is far from a distraction for the impeachment issues.

Americans deserve to know if Joe Biden abused his power while he was a VP before they cast a vote for him.

If Biden comes out on the other side of this clean, it only helps his case, so why so fearful, Joe?