House Announces Dates for Public Impeachment Hearings

Yes, it's really happening.

Adam Schiff

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is officially moving forward on the public hearings for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Just moments ago, Schiff announced the public hearings will begin on November 13 as well as revealing the initial witness list.

This is Very Real

The times of treating this impeachment as a joke need to end, period, because this is very much real and it is happening.

Conservatives that think Democrats are going to let this simply die down or end in the House are completely mistaken.

Some rather damning texts from Rudy Giuliani were released yesterday and they do not paint a very good picture for Trump.

Most Republicans still do not believe Trump did anything wrong, but you can start to sense the doubt starting to seep into their thoughts at this point.

Add that to the fact Schiff will load up his public witness list with witnesses he knows are going to tell him what he wants to hear and public opinion is going to start to sway on this.

Conservatives need to stop being so hard-headed thinking everything is going to be okay and they need to go into battle mode on this.

Witness List Revealed

The public hearings are going to begin on Wednesday with William Taylor and George Kent.

The next witness announced is Marie Yovanovitch, who will appear on Friday.

Taylor and Yovanovitch are going to tell us what they thought rather than what they knew, and that is a very big distinction to make at this point.

Both of these witnesses will constantly use phrases like, “I took that to mean,” and “My understanding of…,” which is perception, not reality.

The media will jump all over these statements but it is going to be up to We the People to make ALL Americans realize these are NOT facts!!

The witness I want everyone to concentrate on is George Kent.

Kent is going to discuss his concerns about Hunter Biden and Burisma, but he is also going to provide a built-in excuse for Joe Biden, which we need to shred.

Kent has previously testified that he expressed his concerns to Biden’s office, but he was rebuffed by the staff that the Vice President was preoccupied with Beau Biden’s battle with cancer.

Not to sound heartless, but that is bullshit.

This is a readymade excuse to cover for Biden because we know the State Department was contacted by Burisma a full month before Joe Biden threatened to hold back the aid.

Joe Biden is corrupt and the evidence is right there for everyone to see, but Democrats and the media are refusing to look at it.

That leaves it up to us, patriots, to defend our president and expose what really happened if we are going to not only save him from impeachment but also get him re-elected in 2020.  


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