Hottest Outdoor Family Fun Games Out Right Now

family fun
family fun

You might be surprised at some of the hottest outdoor family fun games that are out right now. Let’s face facts here: we have spent the better part of this year with limited in-person socializing, many families are now venturing out again, seeking out family fun with such good old-fashioned standbys as gatherings for friends and families, and outdoor BBQs. Of course, while many families used to simply just gather and have cocktails and just shoot the breeze, most of them now want to have outdoor games and activities. Thus, we have rounded up some outdoor games that you can do with the crew that you call family:

Putterball Backyard Golf, $160 with code PUTTER10

Perhaps one of the best things about this game is that it is sort of a combination between golf and beer pong, but you don’t have to drink to play it! Moreover, this is a game that will be loved by all ages, from those that are in preschool to senior citizens. And it’s so easy to describe! Just simply tell your family members that it’s like “beer pong but with golf”! The kit for this game will come with a putting turf with six holes on each side, and the object of the game is take the putters and use them to try to get the balls into each hole before the other team is able to do so.

Buy now: Putterball Backyard Golf Game, $160 with code PUTTER10

Spikeball, $59 on Amazon or on Walmart

This is a very active game, and the rules sort of resemble volleyball: first of all, you will work on teams (usually two on two) and after someone spikes the ball, you will have up to three touches to try to take the ball back to the net.

Buy now: Spikeball, $59 on Amazon or on Walmart

Giant Tumbling Timbers, $73 on Amazon or on Walmart

If you are a serious Jenga fan, then this is a game that you won’t be able to resist. This outdoor game consists of blocks that are stacked as tall as two-and-a-half feet at the beginning of the game, but they can reach as tall as five feet. This game now has as many as 7,400 reviews and 4.7 stars on Amazon. You will receive a nylon carrying case along with 56 woodblocks.

Buy now: Giant Tumbling Timbers, $73 on Amazon or on Walmart


Cornhole, starting at about $50 on Amazon or on Walmart

Cornhole is a classic game that has a lot going for it. First of all, almost everyone knows how to play, and you can easily play it with individuals of all ages. Setting it out on your yard during a BBQ will get someone to play pretty much on every occasion. Moreover, there are plenty of cornhole options that you can choose from.

Buy now: Cornhole, starting at about $50 on Amazon or on Walmart

Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set, $55 on Amazon

The Kubb Viking toss was named by CNET as the “best outdoor game, period.” The rules are easy, and the company notes that all you do is “choose your side and toss your baton to knock down your rival’s army of kubbs first and do it to the king to win.” The icing on the cake would have to be that the game can be played by all ages.
Buy now: Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set, $55 on Amazon

Croquet, starting at about $40 on Amazon or on Walmart

Finally, if you want a game that is more civilized, then this family fun game just might be the way to go. It’s a laid-back classic that is great for almost all ages, and it contributes to their family fun by being easy to set up and put away. Most of these croquet sets will come with their own carrying case.