Hotdog Palestinian Roasts Himself With Molotov [Video]


Israelis all over the world are smiling at this real life Palestinian terrorist “misfire.” The guys who did this don’t want to be identified. Not because the police will find them, but because their friends will never let them live it down. This video is best watched with the theme song from Benny Hill playing in the background.

Botched Palestinian bombing

A group of Palestinian goat humpers botched a hit-and-run bombing Tuesday morning in Israel. You can tell they were amateurs because one of them set himself on fire and the other forgot to flick his Bic. The video says it all.

It starts with a carload of terrorists blazing toward the surveillance camera with traffic so close on their tail the driver nearly got rear-ended as he veered off into the entry to a fenced off private drive.

As planned, the front and rear doors opened in unison to discharge a terrorist from each. After that, everything went wrong. The front seat Palestinian had a tire while back seat had a Molotov cocktail.

As the back door anarchist hurled his flaming bomb, he splashed himself. With flames ripping up the back of his clothing, he got back inside the car.

Seeing his buddy go up in flames caused the tire burning terrorist to forget his mission. The Palestinian dutifully doused his beloved tire with some liquid from a bottle then seeing his amigo become a human torch distracted him. He didn’t light his tire. Instead he got back in the car with his flaming friend.

A backseat companion doused the burning terrorist with some handy liquid as the driver tried to escape without causing a traffic accident. Apparently, they didn’t get the bottles mixed up or the video would really go viral.

Migdal Oz

There’s no Wizard of Migdal Oz, just a bunch of Jews. The attack happened in the town of Gush Etzion, Israel, which is where the “Migdal Oz community resides,” Zionist group Im Tirtzu explains. They were quick to laughingly call the episode a “Palestinian terrorist fail.”

Yishai Fleisher an international spokesman for the Jewish community says it gives “a new meaning to ‘bad terrorist'”

Over the past few months, the region has been “plagued by violent clashes” That escalated on Friday after “a group of Israeli police shot a Palestinian who was trying to stab them.”

That comes on top of the airstrikes in June. The terrorists finally agreed to a ceasefire but the two sides have been battling incessantly since the beginning of time.

One of the favorite Palestinian pastimes is attaching explosives and incendiaries to balloons or kites and lofting over to Jewish controlled territory.

At least doing that there’s less chance of setting yourself on fire. It seems that the goat humpers never heard the phrase “stop, drop, and roll.”