Holy Smokes: Massive Propane Explosion Detected From Space

Massive Propane Explosion Detected From Space

A massive propane fire and explosion at the Kosan Crisplant Plant, a propane tank facility, was so big that it was detected from space.

The National Weather Service reports that satellites detected a hot spot on May 13 in Marshfield, Missouri, where approximately 10,000 small propane tanks caught fire.

Marshfield Police Chief Doug Fannen reported that one person suffered burns to their hand and face due to the fire.

According to Michael Taylor, the fire chief for the Marshfield Protection District, the fire was unlike any he had seen during his 31-year tenure as a firefighter. “This was an intense fire. Very, very hot, very, very intense,” Taylor said. “Multiple tanks per minute going off and becoming airborne.”

Several fire departments were involved in putting the massive fire out, with Taylor calling it a “community effort.”


Residents in the area shared photos and videos of the flames and smoke, many of which were taken from miles away.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, and the incident is currently under investigation.

“My investigators are on-site. Then we’ve got the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline Division, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the state fire marshal that are all investigating,” Taylor said. “We believe it to be an accidental in nature at this point but as to the exact cause we’re still investigating.”


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