HOC Demanding Answers From Dems About Suspicious Trips To Mexico


The Republican (HOC) House Oversight Committee Is Crying Foul Play Over Dems Suspicious Behavior

Members of the GOP House Oversight Committee (HOC) want answers from Democrats who have been making trips into Mexico recently. According to a report, Democratic law makers have been crossing the border to visit detention camps.

Allegations have been made that certain Dems have been coaching immigrants on ways to circumvent current immigration laws. Republican Jim Jones of the (HOC) wrote a letter to Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings, (D) concerning these issues. There are at least two trips Democrats made to Mexico in August.

According to a report, one of those trips required the group to be escorted back to the U.S. by a border agent. The letter to Cummings reads in part, “although you have the authority to direct Committee staff to travel internationally. This travel on committee business, hasn’t been explained, why you authorized this travel into Mexico. What these trips were hoping to accomplish has also not been explained. Republicans had no prior notification of these trips”.

HOC Accuses Democrats Of Undermining The Trump Administration’s Boarder Rules & Regulations

Jordan also accused the Democrats of trying to deliberately undermine the Trump Administration’s efforts to make the border more secure. Jordan also said he thinks the Democrats are misleading the public about what the boarder policies actually are.

The trips in question were outlined with specific details that are of concern to the HOC. Representative Veronica Escobar, (D) Texas made one of trips in question to Tijuana, Mexico on August 21. Escobar is not on the HOC, but has been extremely vocal for her total disdain of the Trump Administration. Specifically Escobar has addressed the policy of the detainment of Mexican Immigrants who cross the boarder illegally.

The report indicates that staff members of Escobar’s has been seen coaching immigrants that are in detention centers. One of the things according to the report that staff told the immigrants is to say they can’t speak English even if they can. According to the report, the immigrants will get in to the U.S. If they can’t speak English.

Rep Veronica Escobar(D) Texas Has Responded To Jordan’s Claims Calling Them Fabricated

Escobar was quick to respond to Jordan’s claims calling ‘them completely fabricated, and full of xenophobic rants’. She further said that ‘is the goal of Republicans to feed the public with misinformation’.

Jordan’s letter asked several things, and stated they expected answers in a timely fashion. The HOA wants to know exactly what group the Democrats interacted with in Mexico. They want to know what time the group arrived in Mexico on the days they were there. Republicans also want to know what the purpose of these trips are. They want answers about the ‘coaching accusations’. Republicans also want to know if the group talked to any children, and is there a list of everyone the group talked to.

Following those trips, groups are now not allowed to visit Custom and Border area or detention centers. The groups have been extremely disruptive since the visits, that is the reason they are now barred.


  1. We should take away their passports. Cummings and the rest of the miscreants are up to no good. Perhaps they should study how unorganized things were at the border under Obummer


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